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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (June 2014) 128GB - Silver - (Wi-Fi)

Only works with:
Without Sim Port
61% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Aesthetic condition: Very good
2 oz of e-waste saved
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6 products

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Refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets at bargain prices!

For both work and personal use, the tablet is a really useful tool. However, the price can be a bit off-putting. But thanks to a refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from Back Market, this is no longer the case!

Refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices are much more than a tablet

Have you been wondering why the price of a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is so high? Well, to begin with, it has an impressive array of features. The 12-inch widescreen boasts a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels for a first-class display, the Intel core processor inside (i3, i5 or i7 depending on the model) promises responsive app performance and the 4GB or 8GB of RAM means there’s never an issue when scrolling through presentations or surfing the web. And you get all this with a weight of just 800g and 9.1mm thickness, plus a three-button stylus for smooth operation of apps like OneNote for example – letting you draw on the screen quickly and intuitively – as well as a support stand for optimal screen viewing comfort. The good news is that these features aren’t limited to new devices, all cheap Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices available at Back Market come packed with the same impressive features.

Buy a certified pre-owned Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with your eyes closed from Back Market

Unlike devices you can buy second-hand from an individual, every refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 3 product from Back Market has been thoroughly performance-tested before being listed for sale in the catalog. That means you can buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with complete confidence, knowing it’s in perfect working order, with a 12-month minimum guarantee. You can choose to buy the tablet on its own or as part of a pack that includes the Type Cover keyboard to turn your refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 3 into a high-end hybrid PC.

Lightweight, fast and cheap, a refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has it all!