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Video Game Console Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB Wireless Controller + NBA 2K20 - White

2% discount
Warranty: 12 months
Esthetic condition: Very good
75 oz of e-waste saved

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2 products

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Refurbished Xbox One S devices at Back Market can be as little as $170!

Compact and powerful, the impressive Xbox One S console from Microsoft has captured many hearts. At Back Market, we’ve made it easier for more people to enjoy the fun with as much as 50% off our range of refurbished Xbox One S consoles.

Refurbished Xbox One S consoles are great value

State-of-the-art technology powers these compact consoles, making them a hit with avid gamers. Choose between a 500GB, 1TB or 2TB hard drive to ensure you have enough space for storing game progress, and enjoy a DVD/Blu-Ray player across all models. Each cheap Xbox One S console comes with three USB 3.0 ports, two HDMI inputs, plus an optical output as well as an Ethernet port. Incredibly powerful, these refurbished Xbox One S consoles can also play 4K video with ease and are controlled by a range of new-look wireless controllers.

Why buy an Xbox One S console from Back Market?

With clean lines and solid performance, this console will delight you for many hours. Thanks to the great Back Market deals and wide selection of console colors, there’s no need to take the risk of buying a second-hand Xbox One S that you’re not even sure will work. We ensure all products we sell complete a series of performance tests before being listed on our site, and provide further peace of mind in the form of a 12-month minimum warranty.

A refurbished Xbox One S is a great way to get this high-performing console without spending a small fortune. Find the certified pre-owned Xbox One S that’s right for you today.