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Xbox One X - HDD 1 TB - Black

Xbox One X - HDD 1 TB - Black

15% discount
Warranty: 12 months

Condition: Excellent
129 oz of e-waste saved


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That's according to Jeremy R. Perfect almost like I bought it brand new thanks backMarket!!! 3 months ago

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Enjoy huge Back Market discounts on a refurbished Xbox One X

Fans of video games and 4K video can’t help but fall in love with the Xbox One X. A games console compatible with the latest HD technology provides exceptional image quality to enable the complete immersion in gaming worlds. And thanks to Back Market, you can now get one for a small price – thanks to our range of refurbished Xbox One X consoles.

Discover the refurbished Xbox One X console sold by Back Market

A best-seller in its class, the Xbox One X is a jewel of technology. Powerful and compact, it far exceeds its main competitors. Also equipped with a latest-generation Blu-Ray player, it can read and play ultra HD Blu-Ray DVDs in all their glory. On the power side, the processor within packs a punch to ensure constant fluidity on all video games, including the most power-intensive ones. And to help you stick to your budget, Back Market offers a wide range of refurbished Xbox One X devices. Costing signifcantly less than new models, these cheap Xbox One X devices are in perfect working order and still come with a guarantee to protect against malfunctions – just like new devices.

How to buy an Xbox One X from Back Market

Once on the Back Market site, you can scroll through the wide selection of certified pre-owned Xbox One X devices. The discounts are significant, and you’ll also be doing your part in preventing electronic waste resulting from premature recycling. To find the console that’s right for you, simply refine your criteria according to the warranty period you need, maximum price you can and general condition of the device.

Get a cheap Xbox One X with a performance guarantee

Many buyers consider getting a used Xbox One X, but are put off by the difficulty of making sure the device will work as it should – particularly when dealing with sales between individuals. This is the biggest difference when you shop at Back Market, since every refurbished Xbox One X we sell comes with a warranty of several months. During this period, you’re fully protected against unpleasant surprises. In the event of any issue with your device, you get a free repair or exchange, and can even request a full refund.

Both economical and environmentally-friendly, when you buy a refurbished Xbox One X from Back Market, you get to enjoy a console that’s like new at a very competitive price.