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Savannah M. Bought: 2 months ago
I love my Magic Mouse 2! It was delivered so quickly and my favorite thing about backmarket is that the quality description is accurate! If it says mint condition that’s exactly what you will receive! I am a repeat customer and will repeat again!!!

Ruth F. Bought: 4 months ago
The mouse is great! Honestly I can’t tell the difference between this refurbished mouse and a brand new one from the store.

Aldrin david M. Bought: 2 days ago
The mice definitely looked great, but the surface did seem to lack a bit of polish. I wish I could've gotten something that felt a bit newer. One of the mice sent to me seemed to have a bit of a problem with its optical sensor as well. Their customer support resolved it pretty quickly though! Ove...

Kristi A. Bought: 4 months ago
I ordered this used Magic mouse for about half the cost of a new one and after using it daily for the last month and a half I am so glad I opted for it. It looks brand new, it works perfectly and even with daily use I only need to charge it every few weeks and it charges super fast. I really debated...

Laura T. Bought: 2 months ago
I happy with the product overall , however they should of clean it off before shipping it out. I know it was in good condition but at the very least make sure it doesn't have hair in the grooves or crusted dry white stains.

Lawrence a S. Bought: 5 months ago
Very happy, Nice ergonomics and design, Like everything from Apple!! My first order from Back Market, Very happy w everything!! Especially the 2019 MBPro, Love it already!! Have recommended you to friends several Times already!! Thank You for your excellent business goals!! Most happy I found you ...

Alex M. Bought: 2 months ago
Mouse came in excellent condition, exceeding description listed online. Received information on order (shipping, tracking, etc) immediately after purchase, and item was delivered earlier than expected. 😁

Meegan W. Bought: 4 months ago
Awesome! I'm so glad I found this site. I was able to purchase the mouse I wanted at a great price. It arrived quick and is in great shape as described. I like getting a deal and knowing that I'm giving something a second life.

Indria kumari G. Bought: 2 months ago
This is my first purchased with back market And I’m very happy about my purchase. It was used item but very excellent condition and I would recommend everyone to buy used items in this site if you are under budget and want Quality products. I would buy again if I need any electronics in future . Th...

Judith L. Bought: 2 days ago
Everything was as advertised. It looked and worked Great, refurbished is the only way to go. You guys are also great to work with. Definitely will order from you again!!!!! 5+++ rating