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Darwin B. Bought: 5 months ago
The back market team in conjunction with the sellers offer the absolute best reconditioned phones/other electronics that you will find on or offline. If there is an issue it will be fixed immediately or several options will be presented to you. I never search anywhere else for anything phone or tabl...

Michael N. Bought: 5 months ago
the phone I ordered was shown as excellent. Everything was as new except for one white rub spot on the back near the power button. Came critically charged, but did not appear to have any drop in capacity after charging. No apparent problems with operation.

Khambrel M. Bought: 4 months ago
The phone itself is good only reason I gave it a lower score is because it has a cupple of small minor glitches but the phone is perfect overall. Thank you so much for the phone I needed it so much to be able to get in contact with my family.

Mark D. Bought: 1 month ago
I didn't spend a lot of money on this phone, so I honestly did not expect this good of a product. The battery is a little lackluster, but it isn't anywhere near a problem. I am very satisfied with the product I got for the price I paid.

Oscar E. Bought: 4 months ago
This is exactly what I ordered. Everything is in mont condition. The battery charges to 100% in less than 8 minutes, the camera is beautiful, handle social media apps well, the storage is what I need. I am very satisfied.

Deborah A. Bought: 4 months ago
I received the phone 2days after purchase in excellent condition, I did not set it up to use, because I am taking it overseas and I believe it will work well with no issues. I am very impressed with the quick delivery and receiving it as described online. Thank you Backmarket!

Dina S. Bought: 3 months ago
Amazing quality, I'd think it was new (except for the price...) Arrived quickly, as anticipated. I was contacted and kept in the loop along the way. Amazing package! I hope I don't need anything soon, but if I do, I'm happy to shop here again!

Octavia J. Bought: 3 months ago
This phone amazing so far so good, arrived fast no issues it's great definitely would buy again and try other

Miguel angel G. Bought: 4 months ago
The averall quiality is pretty good, just minor scratches on the screen that you only see when is turned of. But the battery is nod in good shape.

Tosin O. Bought: 2 months ago
The phone looks like new and the camera quality is great. Overall, I had a great experience purchasing this from Supplytronics.