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Richard P. Bought: 2 weeks ago
I was not sure what to expect about buying a refurbished iphone 8. It was delivered on time and Back Market kept me informed with emails of it's status. The phone came in pristine condition with 89% battery health, so far everything is working as advertised. Just waiting for a sim card as iam choosi...

Sallie S. Bought: 1 month ago
I have been extremely pleased with the refurbished iPhone 8 I purchased from BackMarket! Purchase was easy, BackMarket kept me apprised of my order status and the phone arrived exactly as promised. The email BackMarket sent on how to transfer data was spot on! Very pleased and considering coming to...

Erin J. Bought: 2 months ago
This was my second try getting a refurbished iphone 8 because the first one had a terrible battery. I was very happy when I saw that this phone's battery was new and fully functioning. I am not pleased, however, because it has two distracting scratches on the screen that are visible when the screen ...

Lisa A. Bought: 4 months ago
No complaints so far! This is my first "smart phone", although i do own an apple Ipad, so the transition from my former flip phone hasn't been that difficult. The phone really seems in excellent condition. I bought a case, a screen protector, and a "pop up thing" for the back, synced it to my ca...

Brandy C. Bought: 1 month ago
this is my first time buying anything from back market, an the reviews seemed kinda sketchy lol but i didn’t want to spend a lot so i ungraded to an iphone 8 from a 6, which i dropped n shattered screen, i’ve had it over a week an LOVE IT! it was $161 including tax an all, i chose the mint condition...

Stephanie C. Bought: 3 months ago
Just received my iphone 8 yesterday--a day early and I am beyond pleased! It's in MINT CONDITION space gray and it is gorgeous! Not a scratch on it. Battery health is 95 percent. Setup was a total breeze. If you are on the fence about buying refurbished from these guys get off the fence right now an...

Beau D. Bought: 1 week ago
The unlocked phone arrived in excellent condition, unlocked and with a charging cord. Set up was easy and exactly like when we have bought phones on the past. No problems- would definitely by a refurbished phone again and not be locked into payment plan and stuck with phone company.

David F. Bought: 1 week ago
I was a bit apprehensive about buying a refurbished I Phone 8, but I have been pleasantly surprised with my purchase. There wasn't a scratch on this baby,and it still had a screen protector on it, so it was in pristine condition even though it was just rated "good." It also held a full battery charg...

Luis R. Bought: 1 month ago
This was my first time buying a refurbished phone so i was little hesitant. I paid for Excellent condition and got exactly that. Shipped and Arrived very quickly. I'm extremely satisfied and would recommend this to anyone looking for a new phone!

Lu S. Bought: 1 month ago
only minor problems, wish there were none, but i think that the product offered and listed as mint, was very very close. my old phone was great except for storage, this phone is close, but with good storage. i had the choice to find one with good storage, or never being able to download anything ...