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iPhone 8 Cricket 256 GB - Silver

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Sallie S.


3 weeks ago

I have been extremely pleased with the refurbished iPhone 8 I purchased from BackMarket! Purchase was easy, BackMarket kept me apprised of my order status and the phone a ...


Erin J.


1 month ago

This was my second try getting a refurbished iphone 8 because the first one had a terrible battery. I was very happy when I saw that this phone's battery was new and full ...

Everything you ever wanted to know about the iPhone 8 Cricket

Is the iPhone 8 still a good phone?

Regardless of its age, the Silver iPhone 8 256 GB is still a great mobile phone that can handle any app on the Apple App Store. So whether you really want to do some mobile gaming or be the most popular kid in school, this used iPhone should suit you just fine, despite its age.

What are the specifications & dimensions of the Silver iPhone 8?

This Cricket iPhone 8 Silver was first uncovered on 22 September 2017 and has a premium glass/aluminum body. It's 5.45" tall, and 2.65" wide with a depth of 0.29" and a weight of 5.22 ounces. The Silver iPhone 8 256 GB is a smartphone that still looks and feels modern, has a good camera and battery life, and will definitely feel great during normal use.

How much is enough storage for the Cricket iPhone 8?

The 256 GB of storage space on your Silver iPhone 8 will be used to store photos, videos, and tunes right on your device. And keep in mind, if you're the kind of person that usually downloads a bunch of digital media, you're probably going to want to buy a phone with a minimum of 128GB of storage space.

How much RAM does the Cricket iPhone 8 have?

This Silver iPhone 8 256 GB comes equipped with the Apple A11 processor, which gives the smartphone substantial power to take on any app that you may want to run. Its 2 GB of RAM will enable you to comfortably run a few apps at the same time without stalling the device.

Does the iPhone 8 have an OLED or LCD display?

The Cricket iPhone 8 features an LCD screen that measures 4.7 inches diagonally with a 1334x750 pixel 326 ppi resolution that makes pixels indistinguishable from almost any viewing distance. Apple labels this a "Retina" display, which is the same great screen tech that Apple launched in the iPhone 4, gradually fine-tuned over the years.

How is the camera on the Cricket iPhone 8?

With a 12MP main camera, you can also trust the Cricket iPhone 8 to give you terrific photos with true-to-life colors due to Apple's color science. If you want an iPhone that has a second rear-facing camera lens for wide-angle shots, you may need to look elsewhere, the Silver iPhone 8 Cricket does not have this feature.

Does the iPhone 8 feature Touch ID?

The Cricket iPhone 8 utilizes Touch ID, which scans your fingerprint to unlock the device. Yes, Face ID is considered to be a newer development, however that doesn't mean that it's better or more safe, and it's definitely a matter of taste whether you favor Touch ID or Face ID.

What is the battery life on the Cricket iPhone 8?

Thanks to 13 hours of battery life, the Cricket iPhone 8 should have the ability to last you all day without needing to recharge--unless of course you're an exceptionally heavy user that devotes a good deal of time navigating the web, watching video, or listening to music. In this case you may need to charge before your day is done.

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iPhone 8 - 256 GB - Silver

  • Manufacturing part numbers (MPN) : MQ7R2LL/A
  • Color : Silver
  • Is the phone Unlocked or tied to a carrier? : Cricket
  • Screen size (inches) : 4.7
  • Storage : 256 GB
  • Memory : 2 GB
  • Model : iPhone 8
  • Processor speed : 2.4 GHz
  • Megapixels : 12
  • Resolution : 750 x 1334
  • Network : GSM + LTE
  • Release Date : September 2017
  • Manufacturer Ref. : A1905
  • AT&T compatible : No
  • Sprint Compatible : No
  • Verizon compatible : No
  • T-Mobile compatible : No
  • Release Year : 2017
  • Memory Card Slot : No
  • OS : iOS
  • Double SIM : No
  • Processor brand : Apple
  • Sim Card Format : Nano
  • Processor Core : 4
  • Screen type : LCD
  • Foldable : No
  • Connector : Lightning
  • 5G : No
  • eSIM : No
  • Series : iPhone 8
  • SAR head : 1.32
  • Brand : Apple
  • Weight : 5 oz

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