Logitech iPad Slim Folio: Case with Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth

Expertly Renewed

Logitech iPad Slim Folio: Case with Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth

Expertly Renewed
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  • Warranty: 12 months
  • - 12 oz of electronic waste
Choose the esthetic condition What is this?
Choose the esthetic condition What is this?
Screen: Very good condition. No scratches visible when the screen is on.

Body: Good condition. May have light but plainly visible scratches.
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    Logitech iPad Slim Folio: Case with Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth specs

    • Manufacturing part numbers (MPN) : 920-008617
    • Model : Slim Folio
    • Brand : Logitech
    • Weight : 12 oz

    Logitech iPad Slim Folio: Case with Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth

    From iPad to a laptop in just one click. Slim Folio takes mobile computing to a new level. Now you can enjoy laptop-like typing anywhere you take your iPad. Its slim, light design makes it a joy to use and carry around, all the while keeping your iPad safe from bumps, scratches and spills.

    No matter where you need to get your work done – a café table, a desk or even your lap - Slim Folio locks your iPad at an optimal angle for typing and holds firm on any surface.

    - Comfortable, fast typing thanks to a laptop-like keyboard with familiar layout and well-spaced keys
    - 4 years battery life with replaceable coin cell batteries
    - Dedicated row of iOS shortcut keys for one-tap to Home, Siri, Screen brightness, Search, Media controls, Volume controls and more
    - Advanced Bluetooth LE for reliable connection to iPad and longer battery life
    - Protective iPad case helps safeguard both sides of iPad from bumps, scratches and spills

    Turn your tablet into a laptop:
    Large well-spaced keys and a laptop-like layout make typing fast and comfortable. Dedicated function and shortcut keys give you control over your tablet without having to touch the screen. Switch between apps, bring up search, go to the Home screen, control volume or media right from the keyboard.

    Type or Browse. On your desk or lap:

    Simply open the case and start typing. Your iPad is locked in the perfect typing position and stays firmly in place even when typing on uneven surfaces like your lap. When you are done typing, slide the iPad over the keys for a comfortable browsing mode.

    Slim and light:
    Streamlined design and lightweight materials mean your iPad not only looks gorgeous, but is also easy to carry around, without weighing you down.

    Solid, long-lasting protection:
    Slim Folio is built to withstand years of everyday use. 10 quality control tests help ensure that your iPad is protected from scratches, bumps and spills. A special strap keeps your tablet and keyboard securely closed inside the folio when you’re on the go.

    Reliable wireless connection:
    Slim Folio uses advanced energy-efficient Bluetooth LE wireless for a reliable connection that won’t drop between iPad and keyboard. Setup your connection one time and your keyboard will automatically connect every time you put iPad into typing position.

    Extended battery life:
    Two replaceable standard coin cell batteries power the keyboard. Thanks to a smart power management system and low energy Bluetooth connection, the battery lasts up to 4 years. Based on 2-hour daily use.

    - Turns iPad into a laptop in one click
    - Locks iPad in the ideal position for typing on desk or lap
    - Slim and light design
    - Well-spaced keys for comfortable typing
    - Special row of shortcut keys
    - Advanced energy-efficient Bluetooth LE
    - Long 4-year battery life with replaceable coin cell battery
    - iPad on/off on case opening / closing

    Compatible iPad Models: iPad (9.7inch) 6th Gen 2018, iPad (9.7inch) 5th Gen 2016, iPad Air 1st Gen 2013, A1893, A1954, A1822, A1823, A1474, A1475, A1476, MR7F2LL/A, MR7G2LL/A, MR7J2LL/A, MRJN2LL/A, MRJP2LL/A, MR6Y2LL/A, MR702LL/A, MR7C2LL/A, MR7D2LL/A, MRM52LL/A, MRM82LL/A, MP2F2LL/A, MP2G2LL/A, MP2J2LL/A, MPGT2LL/A, MPGW2LL/A, MP242LL/A, MP252LL/A, MP2D2LL/A, MP2E2LL/A, MPGA2LL/A, MPGC2LL/A, MD785LL/A, MD786LL/A, MD787LL/A, MD788LL/A, MD789LL/A, MD790LL/A, MD898LL/A, ME906LL/A, ME991LL/A, ME993LL/A, ME997LL/A, ME999LL/A, MF003LL/A, MF004LL/A, MF009LL/A, MF010LL/A, MF012LL/A, MF013LL/A, MF015LL/A, MF016LL/A, MF018LL/A, MF019LL/A, MF020LL/A, MF021LL/A, MF024LL/A, MF025LL/A, MF026LL/A, MF027LL/A, MF028LL/A, MF029LL/A, MF496LL/A, MF502LL/A, MF520LL/A, MF527LL/A, MF529LL/A, MF532LL/A, MF534LL/A, MF539LL/A, MF558LL/A, MF563LL/A, MD796BR/A, MD768CH/A, MD785CH/A, MD787CH/A, MD788CH/A, MD789CH/A, MD790CH/A, ME898CH/A, ME906CH/A

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