Galaxy S9 Verizon 64 GB - Gold

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Galaxy S9 Verizon 64 GB - Gold





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    Everything you ever wanted to know about the Galaxy S9 Verizon

    Is the Sprint S9 64GB still a good phone?

    Thinking of purchasing the S9 but uncertain if it will suffice for your needs? It's true, the Sprint S9 64GB isn't the latest Samsung Galaxy anymore, but it may be just the right mobile phone for you if you're just searching for an ordinary cell phone on a budget that will still allow you to surf the web, listen to your favorite songs, and so much more.

    How big is the display on the Sprint S9 64GB?

    Ok, let's get the dimensions out of the way. The Sprint S9 64GB measures 5.81 x 2.70 x 0.33 inches, but these numbers alone probably don't mean much to you. What's more important to realize is that this handset is fairly easy to hold with one hand, and its 5.8" display isn't huge, but it's much bigger than comparable iPhones like the 7 or 8.

    Is the Sprint S9 64GB still getting Android upgrades?

    Since the S9 is currently a few years old, odds are that it may not be getting the most recent Android updates now. But you can still expect the Sprint S9 64GB to get some security patches coming from Samsung.

    Does the Sprint S9 64GB have good enough RAM?

    Sure that 4GB of RAM that you have in this green S9 64GB is beyond what you'll actually need, but just remember that you may not be receiving any of the most recent Android updates that make the latest Samsung cell phone appear and feel sleeker. But still, the S9 is quite good, and this continues to be a great Android cell phone to purchase if you're on a budget.

    How is the camera performance of the Sprint S9 64GB?

    You'll discover a sharp 12MP rear-facing camera within the green S9, which will give you improved low-light performance when compared to the S8, but still not nearly as good as new Samsung S-series cell phones. Samsung has been known for really upping their photography performance in each new flagship phone they unveil, but in truth you will still be more than pleased with the images that the S9 64GB can take.

    Where is the fingerprint unlock on the Galaxy S9 64GB?

    Though you don't aren't required to set up an unlock method for your green S9 64GB, we advise using the fingerprint sensor placed on the rear of the phone. It's swift and easy to use, just like Apple's Touch ID that was affixed in the home button of a lot of their older devices.

    Just how much battery life does the green S9 64GB get?

    You'll find a non-removable 3000mAh battery inside the Galaxy S9 64GB, that will provide you about 10 hours of battery life during the course of continuous web browsing, which suggests that you can rely upon your device to last you all day without needing to recharge if you're a light or modest cell phone user.

    Still not certain if you ought to purchase the Galaxy S9 in 2021?

    Nothing more fun than reading, am I right? If you agree, click on that link to read more about the Galaxy S9:)

    Galaxy S9 - 64 GB - Gold

    • Color : Gold
    • Is the phone Unlocked or tied to a carrier? : Verizon
    • Screen size (inches) : 5.8
    • Storage : 64 GB
    • Model : Galaxy S9
    • Network : GSM/CDMA
    • Sim Card Format : Nano
    • Memory : 4 GB
    • Processor brand : Samsung
    • Processor Core : 8
    • Megapixels : 12
    • OS : Android
    • Resolution : 1440 x 2960 pixels
    • Screen type : Super AMOLED
    • Connector : USB-C + Jack 3.5mm
    • Release Date : March 2018
    • Double SIM : No
    • Verizon compatible : Yes
    • AT&T compatible : No
    • T-Mobile compatible : No
    • Sprint Compatible : No
    • U.S. Cellular compatible : No
    • Release Year : 2018
    • Memory Card Slot : Yes
    • Brand : Samsung
    • Weight : 6 oz

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