Galaxy S9 64GB - Midnight Black - Locked T-Mobile

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Galaxy S9 64GB - Midnight Black - Locked T-Mobile

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    • Buttons
    • Battery (minimum 80% of the maximum load)
    • Wifi - Bluetooth - 3G/4G/5G
    • Speakers and microphone
    • SIM card reader
    • Cameras
    • IMEI code
    • Factory reset
    • Proximity sensor
    • Oxidation
    • Jack plug / Lightning / USB-C
    • Charging cable
    • Touch ID / Face ID
    • Flash
    • Telephone network
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Galaxy S9 64GB - Midnight Black - Locked T-Mobile specs

  • Manufacturing part numbers (MPN) : SM-G960UZKATMB
  • Model : Galaxy S9
  • Screen size (inches) : 5.8
  • Is the phone Unlocked or tied to a carrier? : T-Mobile
  • Storage : 64 GB
  • Color : Midnight Black
  • Release Year : 2018
  • Release Date : March 2018
  • OS : Android
  • Connector : USB-C + Jack 3.5mm
  • Network : GSM
  • T-Mobile compatible : Yes
  • Sprint Compatible : No
  • Memory Card Slot : Yes
  • Series : Galaxy S9
  • Brand : Samsung
  • Weight : 163 oz
  • Height : 2.7 in
  • Width : 5.81 in
  • Depth : 0.33 in
Should you purchase a green Sprint S9 64GB?

Still aren't sure if the Sprint S9 64GB is the right mobile phone for you? Keep reading to find out if the specs and performance of the S9 satisfy your needs.

What are the dimensions of the S9 64GB?

The Sprint S9 64GB measures 5.81 x 2.70 x 0.33 inches, which suggests it will be fairly easy to carry this handset around in your pocket or bag. It has a 5.8" Super AMOLED screen with a 570ppi pixel density, which basically means that you'll be getting more vibrant colors than its Apple opponents like the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8.

Can the Sprint S9 64GB run the most recent adaptation of Android?

The Sprint S9 64GB isn't the most recent Samsung Galaxy smartphone anymore, due to this fact, you simply cannot expect it to be receiving any of the most recent Android versions. But Samsung has been certainly pretty good with supporting its older more popular phones with security updates, so you really should still have the ability to get a lot of reliable use out of a Sprint S9 64GB.

Does this mobile phone have good enough RAM?

What's the best way to know if your phone has adequate RAM? Let's put it this way, if your smartphone has equally as much RAM as your laptop, it most likely means that it's sufficient. And that's what's good about purchasing a top-tier Samsung S-series cell phone. You can count on Samsung to consistently put some pretty impressive specs in these smartphones.

Does the green S9 64GB come with a good camera?

The green S9 64GB has a 12MP camera that will take sharp pictures for the majority of scenarios. You can expect more recent mobile phones from manufacturers like Apple or Samsung to have more accurate color reproduction, enhanced low-light performance, and more optics for zooming in/out, but you will not see a considerable variation in sharpness when comparing shots taken in the day.

How do I unlock the green S9 64GB using a fingerprint?

Want a quick, simple, and risk-free way of unlocking your mobile phone? In that case you'll be delighted to find out that the green S9 64GB has a fingerprint sensor located on the back of the device that's a piece of cake to reach with your forefinger when gripping the device with a single hand.

How many hours of battery life can you expect to get from a green S9 64GB?

The Samsung S9 green incorporates a 3000mAh battery that you can expect to be sufficient to last you the entire day with medium use without needing to have to recharge before the day is over. If you search on the web for conjectures of what amount of time this battery can run, you'll get a wide range of several numbers depending on the evaluations that were conducted, but in most cases you can expect to get around ten hours of browsing time from this particular phone.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2021?

Reading is super fun, am I right? If you agree, click on that link to read more about the Galaxy S9:)

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