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Where are all the Refurbished iPhone 5?

These are selling like hotcakes!

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Refurbished iPhone 5

These minimalist iPhone run perfectly...just not on the latest iOS or with 100 apps at the same time.

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Is a Refurbished iPhone 5 Still Supported by Apple iOS Updates?

No, a used or refurbished iPhone 5 will no longer get software updates from Apple, but the good news is that this used iPhone will still work with service carriers like Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. So even though you may not be able to install all your favorite apps on this phone, you’ll still be able to text and call friends and family, and maybe that’s just enough for you.

Is a Cheap iPhone 5 Worth Buying?

Yes, a cheap iPhone 5 is worth buying if you don’t intend to use apps or your browser much. Since this iPhone is so old, it won’t be that quick anymore either, and many apps may not be supported since a cheap iPhone 5 is no longer able to run the newest version of Apple’s iOS operating system.

The Best iPhone 5 Deals

If you want a deal on a cheap iPhone 5, our website is one of the best places to look. This is because you’ll get a 1-year warranty with your purchase and a 30-day money back guarantee if you decide that you no longer want your used iPhone 5.

Looking to Buy a Used iPhone 5 on a Budget?

If you’re on a budget and want a cheap iPhone 5 deal, our website has a ton of competitive offers. You can find a refurbished iPhone 5 for under $50 on this page, and that’s really cheap for any kind of smartphone. We hope you enjoy this one!

Buy a Used iPhone 5 for Sale

If you want a used iPhone 5 for sale, Back Market is one of the best places to shop. Even though these won’t be able to run the newest apps and software because of their age, they still feel great and may be fine for simple tasks such as texting, checking the weather, and answering phone calls. So if you want a cheap iPhone 5 for just super basic tasks, this may be the right device for you :D