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Refurbished LG G5

Buy your refurbished LG G5 from Back Market and save

Want to get your hands on a cheap LG G5? Back Market has a wide range of refurbished LG G5 devices that cost much less than in the store, some with discounts as high as 60%. And that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Back Market is your one-stop-shop for quality, reliable high-tech equipment.

A cheap LG G5 refurbished by Back Market is as good as new

When you buy a LG G5 from Back Market, you get to enjoy a high-quality piece of technology while saving significantly on the cost of a new device. We’re committed to offering devices from all your favorite brands, and many of them are in almost brand new condition – thanks to the series of performance tests Back Market professionals conduct on all our products. This means you get a device that’s in perfect working order, without maxxing out your credit card. To make these deals even more appealing, we’ll throw in a 12-month minimum warranty (up to 24 months in some cases). This provides total peace of mind when buying a refurbished LG G5 device, unlike when you buy a second-hand LG G5 from an individual, for example.

Choose the refurbished LG G5 model that’s right for you

Beyond fantastic savings, Back Market also has an incredible amount of choice when it comes to smartphones. This means you can get the certified pre-owned LG G5 model you’ve been dreaming of. Simply enter the criteria that’s important to you using the webpage filters.

Much more than a conventional second-hand device, a refurbished LG G5 from Back Market lets you buy a product that’s almost identical to the new smartphones in the store – you just won’t have to spend all of your budget!