9 to 5 sucks.

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The return of in-person work — whether that's school or the office — can be either a super rude awakening or a refreshing return to normality, depending on who you are. But what does that have to do with our incredible electronics deals? Not much, honestly. But if you're an introvert, we can help you create the perfect cocoon to relax in when you get home. And if you're an extrovert, we can help you gather the crew around you with an excellent entertainment system. For up to 70% off, of course. You could start working from 9 to 3 if you wanted.

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Back to School or Back to Work — not our favorite time of the year. For some of you, it's back to school, for others back to work. But something that we all have in common is the summertime sadness and the anxiety of returning to our desks — and to our annoying colleagues. (And yes, I mean you, Karen.) Before you munch/sip on your morning bagel and coffee while listening to the endless boring vacation stories of your boss (or teacher!), we want to make sure, you've at least got the right refurbished tech by your side. At Back Market, you can find all your favorite refurbished tech, whether that be noise-canceling headphones (to ignore any dull holiday stories), phones (to look at your blurry beach pictures during an uninteresting meeting), and laptops or tablets (just in case you need to actually do some serious work). Good luck with back to school, back to work, back to waking up early... and wearing pants.