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Electronics that don't cost the Earth

Aside from the cash, carbon, and primary resources you save, Back Market will donate 5% from every device and accessory featured on this page to Closing the Loop Foundation.

Take a wider view with this iPhone 11 Pro.

We don't just mean through the ultra wide-angle lens. Buying a renewed iPhone 11 Pro saves about 97 lbs of primary resources and prevents around 66 lbs of carbon emissions versus buying it new.* Not bad—but if you buy it from this page on Earth Month, you'll also be funding new solutions in the fight against electronic waste. Haven't heard of electronic waste before? Give it a Google. E-waste is the fastest growing and most toxic waste stream that there is and we are in crisis mode. *approximate values based on iPhone 7 numbers, Recommerce study

A Pro-Earth MacBook Pro.

Something great that came out of 2020? This renewed MacBook Pro, now on sale minus 850 lbs of carbon almost 40% off the original price. Buy it on this page and fight the good fight against electronic waste with Closing the Loop Foundation.

Closing the Loop Foundation

Electronic waste is an enormous problem no one really talks about. You might think that when you send your devices off to be recycled that the loop is closed, but the truth is that we discard our electronics at a pace we can't keep up with. What ends up happening is some of our e-waste ends up in the landfill and the rest is shipped out to developing countries. The result? Only 17% of the electronics we discard is properly recycled. That's where Closing the Loop Foundation comes in. With operations in some of the largest electronics dumping grounds in Africa, they are finding solutions to recycle more electronic waste and creating value for local communities there. Their goal for this year is to recycle about 75,000 dead phones and to find ways to process screens and batteries. You can help in more ways than one by: preventing more electronic waste by buying renewed devices, and also by buying on this page and helping us raise funds for this incredible foundation.

Time for a big change.

There's no time like the present: buy a smartwatch that empowers you to meet your goals—for yourself and for the environment. Manufacturing a new smartwatch produces around 19 lbs of carbon emissions*. Choose a renewed Apple Watch Series 5 instead. With slick UI and premium health features, you won’t see the difference...but the planet sure will. BONUS: Buy your Apple Watch Series 5 on this page and 5% of your purchase raises money to slow down the fastest growing and most toxic waste stream there is. Shop and help us stop the electronic waste crisis. *approximated using Samsung Galaxy Watch numbers from 2020 ResearchGate study

Protect your phone, protect the planet.

Buh-bye scratches, dents...and plastic? When it comes to electronics, Back Market is here to make sure you don't need to compromise between the tech you need and your values. Why shouldn't that extend to accessories? Get a compostable Pela case to protect your iPhone 11 Pro, or a plastic-free screen protector for whatever phone you already have at home. Buy accessories from this shop on Earth month and you won't just be fighting against plastic waste, you'll be combatting electronic waste by raising money for Closing the Loop Foundation. Help us make a dent on the 53 million tons of e-waste people produce each year.

Buying guides

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    New vs. Refurbished: The Environmental Impact of the Tech Industry.

    The production and end-of-life disposal of our smartphones, computers and other modern tech have a dramatic impact on the environment, which can often be overlooked when compared to other environmental issues. Half of the carbon emissions from the digital sector (making up 4% of global emissions) come from the production of devices like these, and buying them refurbished, while not a perfect solution, can help to significantly limit their environmental impact. We’d like to tell you a little more about that.

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