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Cheap iPhone X: The Best iPhone to Buy in 2023?

Updated Feb 2, 2023 - iPhone X prices are really attractive compared to Apple's latest flagship models. See why buying a certified refurbished iPhone X is still worth it in 2023.

Where to buy a cheap iPhone X: costs and pricing

When the iPhone X was released in November 2017 with a price tag of $999, it was a little too expensive for our liking. Since then the price of the iPhone X has dropped dramatically and at the beginning of 2023 you can find a cheap iPhone X on Back Market for under $200 That's a steal considering you'll be getting a completely refurbished phone that works just like a new model from 2017. You might be inclined to wait for iPhone X prices to drop during the holiday season, but Back Market has discounts on smartphones from up to 30 to 70% all year long, so you can shop at your own pace.

If you're shopping around for the best iPhone X deals, you might occasionally run into lower prices, but you should consider only buying refurbished rather than a used iPhone X. Here's why.

Why “refurbished” is your best bet for a cheap iPhone X

If you buy a used iPhone X from somebody off the street that you found on an app or a website like eBay, you may be taking a risk. You're essentially agreeing to buy a device in an as-is condition. The seller may not even be fully aware of how the phone performs compared to how it's supposed to, and you can't really be sure on the condition of the device, even if it looks great from the outside. Additionally, when you buy a used smartphone, you're likely not getting any purchase protection or warranties, so even though you'll be saving a few dollars on the cheapest iPhone X you can find, you'll have to replace or fix it yourself if something goes wrong. 

Alternatively, you can shop around from trusted refurbished websites like Back Market. You'll still get a great deal on the iPhone X, but you'll have more peace of mind knowing that your phone has been properly cleaned, repaired and tested so that it's working like new. Plus when you buy an iPhone X at Back Market you'll be getting free standard shipping, a 1-year warranty and 30 days to change your mind. You might even find that you can upgrade to the iPhone XR and still stay within your budget to get an Apple iPhone X series smartphone.