Save the Planet With Your Next Used iPhone

Are used iPhones better for the environment?

Used Apple Products: An Easy Way to be Eco-Friendly

Apple products are super nice, but it’s somewhat sad how fast their turnover is. Many replace their iPhone every year with the newest model, and this makes Mother Earth cry :’( It’s a fact that producing new tech produces an enormous amount of pollution, not to mention the e-waste that is generated by throwing gadgets in the trash.

If we really want to be environmentally friendly, we need to foster a culture of reuse and recycling. This is one of the reasons we decided to create Back Market: to give people an eco-friendly way to buy their next used iPhone, Macbook, or other fancy tech gadget-thingy :D This way, we can still love our gadgets and the environment at the same time.

Buying used Apple products helps decrease waste in a variety of ways. First off, since you are minimizing the amount of new products that needs to be produced, you’re also decreasing the amount of pollution and mining that is required to produce the necessary components for the new device. Second, since you are buying a pre-owned iPhone, you’re saving it from ending up in landfill or from being improperly discarded. The more we reuse our devices, the less waste we will generate as a society. Same goes for a lot of the things we use.

If you want more specific numbers regarding electronic waste and the benefits of refurbished electronics, read what one of our founders wrote in this Forbes article titled "Refurbished is the Future" :)

Saving the Planet One Used iPhone at a Time

If you look through our website, you’ll notice many small reminders about being eco-friendly. Under each product, you’ll see just how much waste you’re saving by buying the specific product, not to mention how much money you’ll save since you’re not buying the product directly from Apple. You can be sure all our products have been thoroughly tested and certified thanks to our meticulous refurbishing standards :D Nobody takes refurbished Apple products as seriously as we do.

Another interesting read from Forbes... did you know 59% of Americans prefer to upgrade to a new phone rather than repair the one they are currently using?

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