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  • L

    Lily H.

    Purchased on December 3, 2023


    I don’t leave reviews often but I wanted to comfort any uneasy minds with purchasing here for the first time. I will admit I was a little skeptical about buying a refurbished item from a site I’m not familiar with but I couldn’t be happier. Works great and my son is over the moon about his birthday gift. Thank you!

    Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2023

    Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • J

    Jediah T.

    Purchased on April 14, 2024


    I got two of these about a week back, was looking for a new controller and a friend of mine mentioned he needed one really bad to, I wasn't willing to spend the full $140 it would normally cost for two xbox controllers but I did wanna get my friend a (early) birthday present. I found this listing and the price was perfect, just about the cost of one controller off the Microsoft store for two of these. They got here 5 ish days early which was awesome and have worked fantastic. Both me and my friend have enjoyed them and haven't found any issues!

    Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2024

    Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Controller QAT-00001
  • B

    Bane C.

    Purchased on June 2, 2024


    Before when I got my blue Wii Mote Plus from the seller Rock 30 Games on Amazon, I had trouble using the gyroscope on that controller. But when I got this black controller from GameSwift who sells this controller on Back Market, at first it looked kinda scratched. But the gyroscope on this controller worked way more better than the blue one. I'm soo happy about having a Wii Mote Plus that finally works really well thanks to GameSwift.

    Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2024

    Nintendo Wii Remote Plus
  • A

    Alice G.

    Purchased on March 20, 2024


    So glad I was able to purchase a pair of Wii remotes for such an affordable price! I have had my Wii since its release so getting new(er) remotes to use for my console is awesome! Anywhere else these remotes go for $30-50 so this was a steal! Definitely going to enjoy this purchase!

    Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2024

    Nintendo Wii Remote RVL-003
  • J

    Jan C.

    Purchased on January 30, 2024


    Came practically brand new despite it being described as “fair” condition. Works perfectly with my PC and it’s extremely easy to set up. I recommend getting trustmaster H shifter with it for $70 on amazon

    Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2024

    Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • T

    Tobias Z.

    Purchased on January 29, 2024


    I was a little worried about the condition,but actually was better than advertised looks like it's new,came with the box ups didn't do a good job delivering the package, almost got stolen because they left it in the middle of the sidewalk basically

    Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2024

    Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • N

    Nick W.

    Purchased on January 8, 2024


    The controller looks very good and arrived clean. I've only used it for a handful of hours but it works well and doesn't have the problems my old controllers did. The only thing I've noticed is a slight hitch when you press down the left joystick to sprint. Nothing game-breaking, just something I can feel.

    Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2024

    Sony Dualshock 4
  • P

    Paul M.

    Purchased on January 2, 2024


    It's like new wish it was a little cheaper, got one off Amazon that didn't work so I decided to get one off black market and it works great no problems at all you only game that I have for it is asetto corsa, really don't like the campaign of that game I made it to the second racing series and the bmw handles like crap. When I do Lamborghini races it's so much more fun. I need to find an online community to play with. If you got a discord hit me up.

    Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2024

    Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • W

    William L.

    Purchased on December 31, 2023


    Great deal on product that works just as good as new! Excellent value. This is my 2nd purchase from back market and will not be my last! Highly recommend to anyone looking for more bang for their buck.

    Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2024

    Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • C

    Christine S.

    Purchased on February 7, 2024


    BackMarket's product is on point, as always. BackMarket's tracking is non-existent, as always. Pathetic that a company dealing in tech offers phoney tracking. Every order arrives on time and in perfect order but not before mounting anger over packages never departing.. every single purchase without fail. For best experience, ignore tracking!!!

    Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2024

    Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel