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Whether you're looking for longevity, a lightweight machine for travel, professional work, academics, or other uses, our refurbished Apple computers will meet or exceed your expectations of a brand new machine. Since 2013, our goal has been to provide the Apple experience at a fraction of the cost. Your factory reset machine will have the latest operating system and firmware available for its model. We are one of the highest rated and most trusted vendors in the country on Amazon and eBay, are dedicated to our customers, and want to continue to be your source of refurbished Apple machines. We purchase our computers from large, reputable and reliable wholesale suppliers who have verified their history. And as a part of our Green Promise we try to do our part in recycling, reusing, and reducing waste. By buying and selling refurbished machines, it lowers the number of new machines needed in the market. All parts that are broken or not needed for cosmetic reasons are responsibly recycled or sold throughout our refurbished process. The Optimal Customer Experience Speedy, yet meticulous production followed by safe and expedited shipments. We appreciate our customers with prompt, satisfying customer support options. We handle each of our products with care, each package is tracked to guarantee customer satisfaction. Apple machines are worth the extra money over their Windows-based counterparts – they take the pain out of working with computers — but new machines are not cheap. Why spend $2000+ at Apple on a brand new machine when you can have a machine for half the price with better specifications? It’s that simple.

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