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About the seller

Micomp Offer the Most Affordable and reliable refurbished PCs. MAR computers offer the best opportunity to businesses or organizations to reduce global electronic waste footprint and enjoy the benefits of owning a PC at a considerably less cost from Micomp, a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. A refurbished PC purchased through a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher gives you an affordable system that is professionally refurbished and preinstalled with genuine Microsoft Software. Keep your computer running smoothly, because genuine Microsoft software gives you access to downloads, updates, and enhanced features. Avoid Downtime and lost data that can occur when counterfeit software malfunctions. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we must follow strict requirements established for the MAR program by Microsoft. These requirements are designed to ensure that you receive a high quality and professionally refurbished computer. Being part of the MAR program, also guarantees that you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity (C.O.A.) attached to the computer, and a valid version of Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems installed on every computer that is purchased through us.

  • Seller's country of origin: United States