Lifespan on Back Market: 9 months

About the seller

TechMikeNY was founded with a strong commitment to reduce electronic waste. We do this primarily by maximizing the number of units of IT equipment that we refurbish, resell and upcycle, thereby minimizing the number of units that we responsibly recycle. TechMikeNY gives old IT equipment, refurbished servers and server parts a new life by refurbishing and remarketing them in the secondary market. Refurbished servers represent our largest product category. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality refurbished products at an affordable price. Our proprietary testing procedures enable us to enjoy industry-leading return rates on refurbished server parts, specifically on hard disk drives (HDDs). We believe our refurbishment process is so unique that we consider all our products to be “Remade in Brooklyn”. We use a very detailed checklist to ensure that every unit that goes out the door is fully functional, very clean, in good cosmetic condition, and ready to be installed in a robust working environment. We specialize in both pre-configured, as well as custom-build servers. We enable companies with smaller IT budgets to afford a robust IT infrastructure without compromising on quality. Last and most important, we take pride in servicing our customers; we go above and beyond to always make sure our customers are 100% satisfied, no matter the cost. We warranty every product we sell. Our standard warranty is for 1 year, but we do provide extended warranties of up to five years as well.

  • Seller's country of origin: United States