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Refurbished External hard drive

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Daniel L. 06/03/21
This is my second purchase.....all perfect - above expectations....

Marguerite D. 10/09/21
Product in really good state and fully functional! It was delivered really quickly to my mailbox!

Christophe S. 11/17/21
Perfect! Under difficult conditions, Backmarket provided perfect serice! Thanks!

Gabrielle M. 01/28/21
Back Market is the only place I trust to get actualyl good used technology. Never have had a bad experience or an issue. This is the best website.

George P. 05/18/21
Delivered ahead of time and just worked. Was categorized in fair condition and I would agree with the assessment. So far so good!

With a refurbished hard drive from Back Market, you can safely store all your data without spending a fortune!

Between digital photos and professional files, it doesn’t take long to fill up most computers’ memory drives. To overcome this, consider buying a refurbished external hard drive to increase your storage capacity for a low price.

A refurbished external hard drive is an essential accessory

Computers and smartphones are now essential tools in our daily lives, generating lots of data in the form of pictures, video and files. To store all of these data-rich files, and have them securely backed up in case of damage to your primary device, a cheap external hard drive is a sound investment. The price of a refurbished external hard drive varies depending on things like the storage capacity, storage technology and intended use. For instance, you might need a 20GB external hard drive for your Xbox 360, or a 2TB external hard drive for all your personal video files.
And you get to choose between HDD and SSD technologies – that are equal in terms of storage capacity but differ in price.

Back Market: a wide range of refurbished external hard drives to choose from

Samsung, Verbatim, Hitachi, Western Digital and Datalocker are all available in the Back Market collection of refurbished external hard drives. Whichever brand you choose, you get peace of mind when buying a refurbished external hard drive from us knowing it’s in perfect working condition. These high-tech devices are delicate, and not all refurbished models are of an equal standard. We’re so confident in the quality of our certified pre-owned external hard drives we guarantee each device against future defects for a minimum of 12 months.

From a few hundred GB to several TB, a refurbished external hard drive lets you store all your documents safely.