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Janice B. Bought: 1 month ago
The physical quality of the iPhone XS max that I purchased is excellent however, it keeps running hot. It happens when it's on the charger and also with the battery is critically low. I'm going to contact the seller to see if I can trade it in. I received an email before it arrived saying "If you p...

Gregory H. Bought: 7 days ago
I’ve had two interactions/transactions with Back Market the past six months…both very different…both outstanding! I purchased a refurbished iPhone XS Max six months ago. The phone was in excellent shape…the process was easy…the price was right…and I was even offered very affordable financing terms ...

Lisa B. Bought: 5 months ago
I am very pleased with my iPhone XS Max. I ordered the silver in “excellent condition, and it came with no scratches or marks at all. Exactly as described, it was just like I had bought it brand new from the store! It was shipped when promised and arrived on time! I was a little leary about buying r...

Joseph K. Bought: 4 months ago
I was skeptical of backmarket and was not excited to purchase a used phone. My wife made me... So I grabbed the iPhone Xs Max. Solid phone at what appeared to be a fair price. I Was worried that the battery would be under 100% capacity. I was worried that face ID would be broken, I was worried th...

Shannon R. Bought: 3 months ago
I didn’t feel like paying a lot of money for the iPhone XS Max so I figured I would find a site that sells refurbished phones. So far my phone is working great. I haven’t had any problems with it. I ordered it in “good condition “. It was tiny scratches on the outside of the phone but that’s not a b...

Noah K. Bought: 2 months ago
I am very satisfied with my very good condition iPhone XS Max. It was like brand new out of the box and i saw no scratches or anything on either the front or back glass. The box was what i expected, but can be underwhelming for those used to new phone goodies (had to pay for earbuds:( ) the third pa...

Jensen A. Bought: 4 weeks ago
This was a scary purchase for me but turned out being wonderful. Phone came exactly as described and when I had slight troubles with the battery not charging all the way, the refurbisher got back to me right away to solve the problem. Great quality phones and great customer service. Its actually sca...

Jayson L. Bought: 4 months ago
Everything other than the battery life is as if it’s brand new. Battery life is definitely not that of a brand new phone though. Beyond the diminished usage time on a full charge I’d have no way of knowing this phone is refurbished. That said it is only a week old and does give the ‘charger error’ m...

Fatima V. Bought: 5 months ago
I have never purchased a refurbished phone but I am glad I did. It only came with a couple scratches on the screen but are now invisible because of the screen protector. Will definitely be buying from here again.

Christopher P. Bought: 3 months ago
Unfortunately, a fault occurred with the phone. This is the first time this has happened after many purchases. I judge a company on how they react when these things happen. I had an absolutely 10 out of 10 experience. They stand by their warranty and buying a refurbished phone is as risk free as it ...