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Jeremy W. Bought: 1 month ago
Ordered my Beats by Dre Studio earbuds and they were delivered 4 days later. You couldn't tell they were refurbished they looked brand new. This is the 3rd thing I bought from backmarket and it won't be my last. Great service.

Hayden M. Bought: 5 months ago
Product arrived in good condition with little to no visible wear. The one complaint I have is that there were flakes of earwax on the buds and inside the case when it arrived. Not much, but just enough to make me question whether the product was cleaned before shipping. Cleaning seems like it would...

David L. Bought: 4 months ago
Came in original package. Have to charge it up to see whether they work ok but I don’t anticipate any issues. Was very happy with the entire process. The prices was about 50% less than what they are going for on the web $129 plus tax).

Tim W. Bought: 3 months ago
Like new, great price, I've spread the word about backmarket.com. Why pay more, with the price of everything increasingly, you can afford to treat your friends and family with quality electronics for less.

Addler F. Bought: 4 months ago
To be honest its alright in my opinion quality is good for listening to music, but when it comes to talking on the phone it sound like your on a Obama phone if am honest. And no its not fake well I didn't get mines fake at least.

Thomas T. Bought: 1 month ago
They are really good especially when I working out at the gym the noise canceling is great the box was a bit sketchy for a second but after that I was satisfied with this product. The only thing I have to say badly is when I only put one in my ear it automatically goes to pass through mode which is ...

Haley N. Bought: 4 months ago
I got them very quick which is surprising to me the packaging was definitely destroyed however the actual product was almost new. There were no scratches no residue of use and I got everything that was in the original package. Definitely surprised and if I need anything else tech wise I will definit...

Savannah M. Bought: 3 months ago
Super great quality. I haven't ever used AirPods or any other wireless earbuds before, so I don't have anything to compare them to, but they're incredible. Noise cancellation is awesome, they come with multiple size ear tips so you can find your perfect fit, and they don't budge when exercising. I j...

Sade M. Bought: 5 months ago
The shipping was super fast. The earbuds was as described, I purchased the excellence item and when I say it looked brand spanking new, it looked brand spanking new. I was pleased and I recommend no one to be hesitant to buy! I was at first I thought this site wasn’t legit, but it is. I am a witness...

Corbin N. Bought: 1 month ago
I got $170 earbuds for $70. If that's not good, I don't know what is. They came in perfect condition, no scratches, no weird background noise, and they have a 2-year protection plan. Shipping was a little wonky, though. ETA was off by a couple of days, but I did get the package three days early, so ...