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Estel H. Bought: 5 months ago
This tablet was in very good condition, i bought it so that i could transfer a program and data from my tiny screen flip phone, to the larger tablet. I was not able to achieve this, so i returned the tablet.

James H. Bought: 5 months ago
Yeah the quality is top notch it looks like it's Brandt's bank and no it runs perfect and I'm totally satisfied with the service and the feedback backing forth from the company is very reassuring I didn't say Brant bank I said brand new My recommendation would be take a shot seems to me like this co...

Max M. Bought: 5 months ago
It looked perfectly New to me, Shipped and received on time. And works exactly as described. I would confidently recommend this seller to anyone i know and care about.

Victoria L. Bought: 5 months ago
The tablet is perfect. It was listed as good condition but it is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Thanks Guys. 😊

Jessica D. Bought: 4 months ago
Arrived promptly and in great condition. No issues. Works Excellent

Ashley M. Bought: 2 months ago
Quality was excellent i have just bought two more phones from you guys you guys are amazing

Steven H. Bought: 5 months ago
Purchased for another person haven't heard any issues about it

Tricia W. Bought: 4 months ago
Awesometablet. I love it . Got it faster than I expected

Adetona A. Bought: 5 months ago
The galaxy tablet was listed as unlocked, but I traveled with it and realized that it is actually locked to a particular carrier, I can not make use of it and I will appreciate if this can be resolved by your team, thank you.

Bukola A. Bought: 5 months ago
What i purchase from you is not what you sent to me. I did not bought Verizon Tab but you sent me Verizon tab instead of LTE UNLOCKED SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB. Have sent you series of mails and no response since December 28th.