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Jeremy J. Bought: Today
My phone is excellent you could not tell is was refurbished the thing looked brand new not one scratch are blemish it was fully unlocked and took the Sim card from my Blu view 3 I got from simple mobile put the Sim in and it worked like new. The galaxy a50 is everything Samsung says it is. Great ph...

Richard E. Bought: 2 months ago
Condition was absolutely excellent! I haven't learned how to use this much later version of Android, but it's coming along. I would recommend backmarket as a prime source of reconditioned phones to anyone.

Nicholas B. Bought: 1 week ago
I was a little unsure of going the refurbished route, but the phone arrived on time and apparently in great working condition. Screen was great and battery condition appears near new. There were a few more scratches on the casing than I expected given the excellent quality rating so I reached out t...

Todd M. Bought: 2 weeks ago
I was impressed enough with an earlier Galaxy A50 purchase from Back Market for my wife's new phone that I bought one for myself. Quality was great, and, though it took a bit of work and a few factory resets, it works well with my Tello service plan!

Duane G. Bought: 2 months ago
I couldn't be more satisfied and thankful that I made the right choice; in choosing an online Retailer. The product came flawless with no cosmetic damage what so ever, and functions as if it were brand new.

Rachel P. Bought: 2 weeks ago
Minimal scratching to the screen, mild scratching to the back and sides. There was a lot of abrasion around the camera lenses, but it's easily covered up by a protective case, and it doesn't affect the camera at all. Works like new!

Alicia D. Bought: 3 months ago
I love the Samsung galaxy it's better than I expected ... you guts have kept in touch with me thru out the whole process and I appreciate yall so much. No scratches. It looks brand new. I have been spreading the word about back market to my family. Thanks so much ,

Christina B. Bought: 5 months ago
This was a great deal! The phone was in supreme condition. Works like a brand new phone! I wanted to get a phone for my son and didn’t want to spend alot. This was perfect. I definitely will be looking to get another phone here. Or a tablet. So happy!!

Andy B. Bought: 2 months ago
Seriously stay away from here got s9 for 130 and just got a box with a charger cabe. Fair condition not goo. I was completely wrong about my previous review. The phone was in the bottom of the box and covered. All I saw was a charger. My mistake. Very happy with my purchase and this company.

Adell J. Bought: 4 months ago
I really liked the Samsung A50. It was in excellent condition compared to good as it was rated. The only issue was I could not send or receive MMS from iPhones. We tried everything possible but still didn't work. This was the second purchase that I have had to return. Customer service is excellent b...