Trade In your Beats headphones and earbuds for Cash

  • 1. Get an offer from an expert refurbisher
  • 2. Ship your device for free
  • 3. Get cash in your bank account
  • 4. Do a happy dance for you and the planet

How to sell your used Beats headphones quickly and easily

Beats are high-quality headphones that provide great sound and boast an ultra-comfy fit. Customers can choose between earbuds or go for a larger model with a comfy headband and soft ear cushions. 

Beats headphones stand out not only for their sound quality but also for their wireless connectivity. New models are frequently launched onto the market. If you want to invest in new Beats or another brand's headphones, you can sell the model you currently use for an extremely good price. At Back Market, it's quick, easy and you can do it online.

Can you sell your Beats?

Yep, of course you can sell your Beats! If you've taken care of your Beats and they still deliver good sound quality, you can get a really good price for your Beats earbuds or headphones. This is especially true when it comes to the high-end models that have a higher initial purchase price. You may consider using the money to invest in a new pair of headphones after you’ve been paid.

What's the best way to sell Beats earbuds or headphones?

If your friends and family aren't interested in taking them off your hands, your best bet is to sell your Beats online. You can get cash for your old device via Back Market’s BuyBack service. The advantages are obvious: you don't have to spend precious time finding a buyer or get caught up in tricky price negotiations. 

Just answer a few questions about your device on Back Market's site, such as its condition and how well it works. Then, you'll receive a price offer from an expert refurbisher based on its age, condition, and as-new retail price. If you accept the offer, you just need to send your headphones free of charge to the address provided. The payment will be sent directly to your bank account within 6 business days. It doesn’t get much easier (or faster) than that!