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How to choose an Apple iMac?

Published Aug 18, 2023 - Buying an iMac is the desire of many students and professionals. After all, the iMac range is truly powerful, efficient and look stunningly elegant. However, they're not exactly cheap. At Back Market, we want to tell you about the advantages of buying a refurbished iMac, and help you choose the right model.

But what is an iMac?

iMac is the official name of Apple's desktop computer series. This is an important clarification, as many users think it also includes laptops, but this is not the case. Apple laptops are part of the MacBook range. The first model dates back to 1998 and was characterized by its "all-in-one" nature. In other words, the tower and monitor are integrated into the same structure. A differentiating feature that has been maintained to this day.

What are the main purchasing criteria for choosing the iMac that's right for you?

Before deciding on one model or another, there are a number of factors to consider:

The processor: Intel or Apple Silicon

Apple doesn't traditionally develop its own processors for its laptops and desktops, which it has done from the outset with its iPhones and iPads. Intel was the brand chosen to create the "brains" of its computers. A relationship that has been very fruitful for many years.

A few months ago, however, Apple began designing the CPU for its computers. The proof is in Apple's M1 processor, which mainly powers its laptops, i.e. its MacBooks. Its main advantage is greater energy efficiency without sacrificing power. It is also better suited to macOS, the operating system of these computers, and its specific applications.

Its only handicap is that it is less proven than Intel-based processors. So the first thing you need to decide in your head is whether to stick with the security and warranty of Intel processors or opt for Apple's silicon innovation.

Screen size

There are two iMac ranges with different screen sizes. First, there's the Apple iMac 21.5" range. This is a very interesting screen size, specially designed for those who use it primarily for office programs and Internet browsing. On the other hand, we find the Apple iMac 27" series, geared towards professionals in graphic design, video editing and other image-related professions.

However, within these two categories, it's possible to distinguish several different models. Let's start by talking about the variants of the Apple iMac 21.5" series:

  • iMac 21.5" Full HD. This is the basic configuration. It features a 256 GB SSD hard drive, dual-core processor and 8 GB RAM. It's primarily designed for everyday, domestic use based on web browsing, writing text documents, managing e-mail, etc.

  • iMac 21.5" 4K. This model quadruples the screen resolution of the previous model. In fact, its definition is excellent, which means you don't have to strain your eyes as much to work. It's ideal for anyone who spends many hours a day in front of their computer. In terms of hardware configuration, they're identical. Except that this one has a graphics card with 2 GB of dedicated memory, making it very useful for video and photo editing work.

Now let's describe the Apple iMac 27" category:

  • 3.1 GHz iMac 27". This computer features a 3.1 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor with 8 GB RAM, a graphics card with 4 GB dedicated memory and 256 GB internal storage via SSD hard disk.

  • IMac 27" 3.3 GHz. In this case, the processor of choice is an Intel Core i5 with six cores at 3.3 GHz. The graphics card has up to 8 GB dedicated memory and is available with SSD hard drives ranging from 256 GB to 2 TB.

  • IMac 27" 3.8 GHz. The most powerful of the series, with an 8-core Intel Core i7 processor at 3.8 GHz. Up to 8TB SSD storage and 128GB RAM. Otherwise, the configuration is the same as the previous model.

Beyond these models is the iMac Pro. This is undoubtedly Apple's most powerful computer, and the one designed specifically for extreme professional tasks related to content creation. It can be found with up to 18-core processors, 256 GB RAM and 16 GB dedicated memory in its graphics card.

What's more, the iMac Pro's display boasts 5K resolution and is made from nanotextured glass. It also features a Pro Display XDR panel that guarantees visibility in all conditions. Incredible.