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Where to find the best deals on a cheap iPhone 11

Updated May 26, 2023 - You can still find some of the best deals on an iPhone 11 right here on Back Market. You'll get cheap pricing for an iPhone 11 that works the same as it did when it was newly opened from the Apple Store.

Affordable iPhone 11 on Back Market

Even though the iPhone 11 is now a few generations old, it's still a very capable smartphone on the market that might be a great fit for you. So how do you score the best deal on one? You could wait around all year hoping to run into a few Holiday discounts and sales from retailers...

Better yet, you can start shopping on Back Market today where you'll find some of the cheapest prices on the iPhone 11 all year long. Our customers save on average 30-70% off compared to buying new devices making us one of the most affordable options for buying a refurbished iPhone 11 any time of year. In fact right now, you can find an unlocked iPhone 11 starting at just $260 on Back Market.*

*Starting price as of May 2023 - subject to change

Cheap iPhone 11 that performs like new

Some people hesitate before buying when they find an amazing deal that will save them money and ask themselves, "what's the catch?" If you find a cheap price on an iPhone 11 on Back Market, you can shop confidently knowing 2 important things:

1. The sellers featured on our site have been hand-picked and vetted to make sure they are always delivering quality products.

2. Every device sold on our site has gone through a rigorous refurbishing process meaning that the used iPhone 11 in your cart has been repaired, reconditioned, cleaned, inspected and thoroughly tested before making its way to you.

Bottom line is, whatever discounted iPhone 11 you find on Back Market, know that it will perform just like new when it was first unboxed from the Apple Store.

Not sure which iPhone you should buy? Use our smartphone comparison tool to help you make a decision.

Warranty on a refurbished iPhone 11

As some people say, "talk is cheap," and they might still be skeptical that they'll receive a quality iPhone at such a low cost. However, we want to make sure everyone can shop confidently without any buyer's remorse or risk. So any purchased refurbished iPhone 11 (or any other device on our site for that matter) comes with a 1-year warranty, meaning in the rare case that any defects arise (outside of accidental damage) within 12 months of your delivery date, then you're entitled to your choice of a repair, replacement or reimbursement.

Money-back guarantees

Just to show you that we're confident in all the devices sold on our site, we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases including on the iPhone 11. This means, you can send it back to us any time 30 days after the device is delivered in case you change your mind or if you don't end up liking the device you purchased.