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  • 1-year warranty
  • Free 30-day returns
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Party hard, save easy

It’s simple. Every year, students get $20 off on a purchase of $250 or more. Whether it’s for back to school tech or a gaming console that’s caught your eye, you can use your hard earned cash to get more — for you, and for the planet.
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Wait, the planet?

The refurbished tech you’ll find on Back Market is better-than-new. That’s because it's in perfect working condition, and it’s up to 92% less impact on the earth when it comes to e-waste, raw material usage, water waste, and carbon emissions.
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Trade in your tech for extra bucks

Sell your old or forgotten tech and get cash with Trade-in. Complete the assessment, get an offer from a professional refurbisher — all in just about 2 minutes. With each trade-in, you’ll be helping refurbishers restore and reuse devices which, in turn, helps keep the depletion of earth’s natural resources at bay.
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Back to school, back to work, back from summer

Reliable, high-quality electronics don’t have to break the bank, especially for students and soon-to-be professionals. Devices found on Back Market are professionally refurbished to perfect working condition, which means you can find premium refurbished MacBooks and laptops at prices to fit any budget.

We know that starting a new school year, semester, or internship is stressful enough, which is why all tech bought on Back Market comes with a 1-year warranty, 30-day returns, and free standard shipping. Plus, students get an extra $20 off every purchase of $250 or more. So don’t miss out on the best laptop discounts for college students.

There’s obviously more. Reborn tech is more sustainable than buying brand new. Every time you purchase a refurbished device, it helps prevent carbon emissions and the depletion of natural resources. It also doesn’t hurt that we usually have great deals on noise-canceling headphones and AirPods, too — here’s to more money in the banana stand.