Used iPhone X: Bargain or Bust?

Is the iPhone X still a good phone? Should you buy it?

Is the iPhone X still a good phone?
Why the used & refurbished iPhone X is still a great phone

If you don’t know anything about the refurbished iPhone X, let me tell you first and foremost that it’s a sleek phone that feels great in the hand. There aren’t any real downsides to this phone, except for its fragile glass back that’s pretty expensive to replace if cracked (more on that later).

But if you haven’t used one of the new generation of notched iPhones, you’re going to want to know what this is like to use, and what kind of user this phone is for.

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Why we still recommend the used & refurbished iPhone X

The good thing about the used iPhone X is that it’s great for just about any purpose. The screen is OLED and has a reasonable size, so gamers should love it. Social media lovers too. And average users. The used & refurbished iPhone X should fit your needs no matter who you are. Just a small note, the battery on this phone should be able to last you all day, but if you’re a super heavy user, you may want to consider getting a refurbished iPhone XR for the extended battery life (although that iPhone doesn’t have the fancy OLED screen that this one has).

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Why Apple doesn't want you buying a used & refurbished iPhone X

So less than a year after Apple released the iPhone X, it also stopped selling it. Do you know why? Because they introduced the iPhone XS, and then the iPhone 11 Pro, and etc. But they stopped selling this model only because they didn’t want it competing and cannibalizing the sales of their newer models, because the truth is, all new iPhones have very small improvements over the iPhone X. Sure, they may have slightly faster processors and slightly more advanced cameras, but the differences are so minor, that in everyday use you really wouldn’t notice them. So why pay over $1000 for the newest iPhone if you can get a used iPhone X that looks the same, performs just as well, and has much better value? I don’t know, you tell me.

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If you buy the iPhone X, make sure to also buy a case

As I said, the back glass for this phone is sensitive and costly to replace. It seems like Apple attached the whole inside assembly to the back glass (I don’t know why). If you do manage to break the glass, Apple can charge you over $500 to fix it, but you can probably get a better price from an independent repair person (maybe even as low as $100) but it still won’t be cheap. So, no matter how good this phone may look without a case, you really need one for it—which is unfortunate! This is one of the sleekest looking iPhones—unlike the cyclops of 2019 *cough cough* iPhone 11 Pro. Did I just call the iPhone 11 Pro ugly? No! Impossible! (Sarcasm).

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Why you should get a cheap iPhone X from Back Market

With Back Market, you’re getting a device that has been refurbished and validated by our quality team to meet your expectations. We want you to be totally in love with your refurbished iPhone X once you get it, so we’re including a 30-day money-back guarantee and 12-month warranty just in case something goes wrong with your new phone!

Answer to the earlier question: A refurbished iPhone X from Back Market looks better than a new iPhone X :D Funny joke, right? But legit, our "Excellent" condition phones look like they came straight from the Apple store! 

Compare the iPhone X to other iPhone models

If you want to see a more detailed specs comparison of the iPhone X compared to other iPhones, then you might be interested in checking out these match-ups on our phone comparison app :)

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