Recycle with Back Market

There’s treasure in your trash.

Old devices still contain valuable raw materials. We make sure as many parts as possible are reused, or that the item is donated to a non-profit, if still functional.

Recycle for free

Free & easy recycling in 3 steps

Step 1

You drop it off or ship it for free

Drop off your device at a recycling collection point near you, or send it to us with a free prepaid shipping label.

We sort it

Recycling partners determine if your device is eligible for recycling or donation.

Your tech lives on

If functional, your device will be donated to a non-profit. If not, it’ll be recycled responsibly.

  • A San Francisco sized heap of e-waste is produced yearly.
  • That’s like 7342 Eiffel towers in weight, and…
  • Only 17.4% is recycled. Landfills or incinerators get the rest.
  • By 2050, about 120 million tons will be generated each year.

Frequently asked questions

Which devices can be recycled?

We currently only recycle smartphones, but we're working on adding more items soon. Tell us what devices you’d like included next

What happens to my personal data on the device?

Recycling partners immediately do a full factory reset (deleting all apps and data) upon receiving your device. So, be sure to back up your data before sending!

How do I pack it for shipping?

Find a sturdy box and use packing materials (bubble wrap, foam) to secure your item inside the box. Seal it with strong tape and stick the return label on top.

Who do the devices go to?

Recycling partners will assess your device. If it’s functional, it’ll be passed along to refurbishers, if not, it’ll be recycled for parts.

Wanna see if it’s worth some cash first?

Run your device through our Trade-in assessment and we’ll check for offers on it from our network of over 250 professional refurbishers. It takes 2 minutes!
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