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Refurbished Gaming Mice

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Argun E. Bought: Logitech G502 HERO Mouse 1 week ago
works as advertised

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Are Refurbished Gaming Mice Good?

Since mice are some of the most reliable computer accessories, it makes sense to buy one that’s refurbished. A lot of refurbished gaming mice were returned to the manufacturer for perhaps no reason at all or after minimal use, and they’re bound to continue working well for many years.

You probably won’t really notice any difference between a new and refurbished gaming mouse.

What is the Best Mouse to Use for Gaming?

Refurbished Razer mice are built specifically for gaming, and once you use one you’ll see why. They typically have better responsiveness than a traditional mouse and are designed for fast movements, although that also means they may not be as ideal for the average user when compared to a refurbished Logitech mouse, for example.

Is a Refurbished Apple Magic Mouse Good for Photoshop?

There are better mice out there that will give you better and more precise control of Photoshop than a used Apple Magic Mouse, but that doesn’t mean that a refurbished Apple Magic Mouse wouldn’t be great for real Apple fans. But if you want a really ergonomic mouse so you can spend a lot of time editing images with minimal frustration, a refurbished Logitech mouse would probably be a better choice.

Is the Apple Magic Mouse Good for Gaming?

The form factor of the refurbished Apple Magic Mouse means that it probably isn’t the best for gaming, but it’s great for just about any other purpose. It’s sleek and perfect for any kind of office use.

Is Logitech Better than Razer? Which Brand Makes the Best Gaming Mouse?

If you buy a refurbished Logitech mouse, it will probably be a great mouse for all-round use, while a refurbished Razer mouse would be a better choice if you want a mouse primarily for gaming. But to be honest, these are two of the best brands when it comes to mice, if you buy a product from either of these brands, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find a lot of quality parts and overall awesome build quality in the mice that these brands produce: satisfying clicks, awesome scrolling, great feel/functionality, and smooth performance :D