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About the seller

JEM Tech is a consumer electronics distribution company built around a vision of becoming the best in class lifecycle management company for second life mobile, computing and wearable devices. As the mobile and computing businesses continue to evolve and lifecycles become shorter and shorter, we believe there is a growing need for a company to specialize in the creation of opportunities and avenues for companies to entice consumers to sell their devices back into the market and then re-sell those to new consumers. One of the most damaging businesses on the planet is consumer electronics. That's because it's a three-step process: purchase, upgrade, and discard. Purchase, upgrade, and discard. Every year, 50.000.000 tonnes of e-waste are produced as a result of this vicious cycle. Every year, millions of mobile phones are discarded, either in drawers or in landfills, and all of those gadgets were made with valuable earthly resources, at a high cost to the environment and local people, not to mention leaving a large carbon footprint. Our circular business approach is not only intended to provide better value to our members, but also to benefit the environment and society.

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