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PowerON Services, Inc. has been focused on reuse and recycling since 1994; far before being “Green” became a household term. We are committed to both the environment and our communities by helping to reduce e-waste in our landfills across the country, conserving natural resources, and providing access to less costly technology to those who need it most. Providing quality, affordable technology helps us to get one step closer to our secondary goal of helping to diminish the far-reaching negative effects of the digital divide. We reach these goals by providing simplified, full-service managed trade-in and recycling solutions, which include online trade-in programs and corporate shared revenue programs. By trading or recycling aging, unwanted technology our corporate partners and end consumers become our valued partners in these efforts.?? In the past three years, PowerON has diverted nearly 5 million electronic devices from the waste stream. These devices were either properly recycled or reused and sold at a substantially reduced rate to those who need more affordable technology solutions.?? In addition to our considerable efforts in the reuse and recycling of electronics, PowerON has taken huge strides to make sure our internal processes and every-day business practices mirror our external corporate efforts. In 2011 PowerON became one of just 280 California businesses to receive a Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) Award from Cal Recycle acknowledging us for our green business practices. PowerON is known for its success in the reuse and recycling industry, but we aren’t just a recycling company. We work to forge strong relationships with our corporate partners based on our ability to deliver creative, effective, and measurable solutions. Our team is driven to remove the obstacles blocking success.

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