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Refurbished HP Omen

Where are all the Refurbished HP Omen?

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Verified customer reviews for Refurbished HP Omen


Average of 0 reviews from the past 6 months.

Julien C. 11/02/21
Really really good quality, fast delivery

Katherine M. 02/26/21
Great quality, really fast delivery, good customer service. I couldn't be happier with my purchase! Will definitely buy from Back Market again.

Aaron A. 06/13/21
Good stuff thanks for being with me through every step of the shopping process

Marguerite D. 10/09/21
Product in really good state and fully functional! It was delivered really quickly to my mailbox!

Carl B. 06/12/21
Just as described. I found this to be a great deal on a nearly perfect refurb. Not a mark on it, really.

Refurbished HP OMEN devices

Want a cheap HP OMEN PC? Think Back Market!

With the OMEN range, HP has created immensely powerful machines – perfect for gamers – that usually retail for a high price. But if you choose to buy a HP OMEN from Back Market, you can get one of these high-performing machines for a lot less.

A refurbished HP OMEN X 900: power3

The HP OMEN X 900 is a PC unlike any other, starting with its unique cubic design. It’s sure to attract eyes in the office. It comes with a pretty stellar list of technical specifications: a 2TB hard drive, 256GB SSD, 16GB of RAM, an NVIDIA GTX 770 graphics card and a 4GHz Intel Core i7 processor. A refurbished HP OMEN is a perfect machine for demanding users who need confidence in their computer’s ability to play any and all games thrown at it.

Get ready for VR with a certified pre-owned HP OMEN

If you choose a refurbished HP OMEN from Back Market, you’ll get access to the world of virtual reality (VR) for a much lower price than if you bought directly from the store. A discounted HP OMEN is VR-ready and comes with all components and software needed for an optimal virtual reality experience.

With the refurbished HP OMEN offer from Back Market, get an incredibly powerful machine for a discounted price – backed by a minimum 12-month warranty.