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iPhone X

iPhone X

64 GB - Space Gray - Unlocked

Warranty: 12 months
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What is a refurbished iPhone? Learn what refurbished phone means, whether a refurb phone is worth it, and what to consider when buying refurbished iPhones.

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Stefan K.


Reviewed in United States on December 20, 2022

It’s my 6th refurbished device I bought on Back Market, and as always I am pretty satisfied with the purchase. The only thing is that the iPhone X I bought only shows 80% max. battery capacity in battery health. That is I believe the minimum. Other than that, thumbs up Update: phone started ghost touching and opening apps by itself, switching apps, moving and shaking screen displays and was basically unable to operate until a hard reset. After google the issue, it seems a common problem with iPhones, so I’m not to mad about it but sad that I had to send it back for repair or exchange and leaves me with no phone but a really old one.
iPhone X

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