Logitech iPad Slim Combo : Case with Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth

Logitech iPad Slim Combo : Case with Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth

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  • Warranty: 12 months
  • - 22 oz of electronic waste
Choose the esthetic condition What is this?
Choose the esthetic condition What is this?
Light but plainly visible scratches on the body. For smartphones and tablets: the screen may have small scratches that are invisible when the device is on.
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    Logitech iPad Slim Combo : Case with Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth specs

    • Manufacturing part numbers (MPN) : 920-009040
    • Color : Black
    • Model : iPad Slim Combo
    • Keyboard Type : QWERTY
    • Backlit Keyboard : Yes
    • Numeric Keypad : Yes
    • Wireless : Yes
    • Brand : Logitech
    • Weight : 22 oz
    • Height : 10 in
    • Width : 10 in
    • Depth : 5 in

    Logitech iPad Slim Combo : Case with Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth

    Now the best-selling, ultra-versatile Logitech SLIM COMBO keyboard case is available for your iPad® (5th and 6th generation). With its 4 versatile modes, detachable keyboard, and adjustable kickstand, your iPad is equipped for virtually any task. If you can dream it, you can do it.

    Product Features:

    • SLIM COMBO supports everything you do with your iPad with 4 versatile modes: 
    1. Type Mode: Click the keyboard into the upright position and type away.
    2. View Mode: Set the keyboard aside and use SLIM COMBO in the the hands-free. View Mode – perfect for watching videos and more.
    3. Studio Mode: Push the screen all the way down into Studio Mode. Comfortably draw and take notes with a digital pencil. 
    4. Book Mode: Fold the kickstand back into the hand-held. Book Mode – perfect for reading.
    • A laptop-like layout with well-spaced keys gives you hours of comfortable, precise typing. The backlit keys, with 3 levels of adjustable backlighting, let you type anytime – day or night. A full row of iOS shortcut keys gives you access to iPad controls, right at your fingertips — control media, volume, screen brightness, and more.
    • With SLIM COMBO's detachable keyboard, you have all sorts of options. Type with the keyboard attached or detached – whatever feels right for what you’re doing.
    • See everything clearly at any angle. With 40 degrees of adjustable viewing angles and an adjustable kickstand, SLIM COMBO smoothly reclines and stays in place. No matter where you are — on the sofa, at a desk or on an airplane, get a perfect view of your gorgeous iPad screen.
    • Keep your iPad in tip-top shape. SLIM COMBO carefully encases your iPad for all-around protection against bumps, scratches, and spills. Outer materials are durable, built to withstand daily wear and tear, and makes SLIM COMBO perfect for slipping in and out of bags.
    • Sketch, write, then store your Logitech Crayon® where it won’t get lost or in the way. The convenient holder will keep it firmly in place until you’re ready to use it next.
    • Simply set up your connection one time and your keyboard will automatically connect every time you put your iPad into Type Mode. SLIM COMBO uses advanced Bluetooth®LE wireless for reliable, energy-efficient connection that won’t drop between the iPad and keyboard.
    • Keep working, watching, or playing without having to worry about short battery life. Thanks to a smart-power management system, the rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 months on a single charge.
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