It's that Black Friday time of the year. We're doing nada.

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Buy now, buy now, buy… we’re tired. Aren’t you?

We don’t see a reason to play into retailer games like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. We have fair prices on premium electronics all year round because buying smart on your own terms should be easier than brining any type of poultry.


Deals forever. Deal? Deal.

Our rockbottom deals have been around since 2014. Up to 70% off buying new 24/7 means you can get the premium tech you need, whenever. Eat our shorts, Black Friday.

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More Zzz’s for students

Snooze through this year’s turkey sales because, well, you have enough deadlines as it is. On top of our rock-bottom prices, students get an extra 5% off everything. More sleep and more money? Does this mean cup ramen will go out of business? (Only time will tell).

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Black Friday: Get tech and electronics deals for up to 70% off. As usual.

That’s right. As usual. At Back Market, Black Friday is a day like any other. Why? We’ve got the best deals on tech and other electronics all year long. (We pinky swear, blood pact, stick a needle in our eye to that).

This means you can shop pressure-free no matter the holiday — from Festivus to Pi Day — and rest easy knowing all our deals come with a 1-year minimum limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. So while the serial shoppers and unboxing aficionados might be camping out overnight to get the best deal, you can sleep off your turkey hangover knowing that we gotchu at Back Market for all your tech and electronics needs.

WTH is Black Friday?

Black Friday—which by the way is an especially dark time for the environment—is a day built around deals, especially when it comes to tech and electronics. By pushing so-called “best deals” for a limited amount of time right around the holidays, electronics retailers encourage people to take advantage of “amazing” Black Friday sales and buy a lot of stuff (yaaay overconsumption).

But at Back Market, it’s just a day like any other because Back Market has the lowest prices on all the hottest tech and electronics every day, not just on Black Friday. Maybe this will be the year that you finally get your uncle Ted what he’s always wanted (but not holding our breaths, Uncle Ted is the worst).