Black Friday

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Black Friday: Get refurbished electronics for up to 70% off. As usual.

Black Friday: Up to 70% off on everything in the store. As usual.

The big deal addicts and unboxing queens may be on their starting blocks for Black Friday, but they may very well be surprised on our e-commerce site!

At Back Market, Black Friday is a day like any other. And not only can you find the best prices all year long, you can even reduce your environmental footprint by purchasing refurbished electronics and appliances. Best of all, every item you buy from us comes with a 1-year minimum warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday—which by the way is an especially dark time for the environment—is a day built around good deals. By pushing their so-called best deals for a limited amount of time, retailers encourage people to take advantage of “amazing” Black Friday sales and buy a lot of stuff (and often much more than they need, unfortunately). Consumers are all too ready and willing, since it’s right around the holidays, when they begin looking for the lowest prices for Christmas gifts. On Back Market, though, it’s just a day like any other. We don’t feel the need to fabricate any sense of urgency since we have great deals every day, not just on Black Friday.

If you do want to buy something for Black Friday, though, check out our Black Friday shopping tips!

Black Friday vs. Cyber ​​Monday

Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, same thing right? You still want to know? Really? Okay, well we can explain it to you.  It's super exciting so try not to hurt yourself. Okay, so technically Cyber ​​Monday offers are exclusively available online. Yup, that’s it. Obviously the line between Black Friday and Cyber Monday has become much blurrier given the rise of online shopping. But this version of Black Friday was originally introduced to give smaller retailers a way to survive alongside the bargain giants, and to ride the growing wave of the Internet.

Nowadays of course, it’s easy to find sales and discounts on the web that are not limited to Cyber ​​Monday, which falls on November 29th this year.

Get the Best Xbox One Black Friday Deal at Back Market or Another Friday

Ok, so yes, the new Xbox Series X is what many are going to want for the holiday season, but the best deals are going to be for the Xbox One that has been a favorite for so many years. And even though this isn’t the newest console out there right now, it’s perhaps the best one if you want to do some high-quality gaming on a budget. Plus, most new video game titles are still going to be released on the Xbox One for another 2 to 3 years according to Microsoft, so it’s best to get this console now and wait for the price of the Series X to drop. And since all our Black Friday Xbox One deals come with a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you're getting a reliable product. And these deals and warranties are sure to be around for the rest of the year, too!

Looking to get a Used PS4 Black Friday Deal Before the Holidays?

The age-old rivalry of PlayStation vs. Xbox continues to this day, but we don’t have favorites here at Back Market; we love both consoles equally and have made it our mission to give you the best deals for both. We’re busting our chops to present you with some of the best deals for PS4 and Xbox consoles. And just like the Xbox One, you can expect to see the newest game releases on the PS4 until at least 2022 according to our friends over at Sony. Back Market is one of the best places to get a Black Friday PS4 deal this holiday season. And if you choose to wait, that's fine too, we're guaranteed to have awesome deals year-round.

Also, if you're a Nintendo fan, we haven't forgotten about you! We're also known for having some of the best prices on the Nintendo Swtich!

Now is the Time to Get Fit with our Black Friday Apple Watch Deals... Also available on other Fridays as well :D

With the weather getting colder, we all need a little more inspiration and encouragement to stay fit and exercise. It really isn’t easy, but it’ll be a lot easier if you get the best Apple Watch deal from our website :) No, a refurbished Apple Watch won’t do push-ups, sit-ups, or 5k runs for you, but it will encourage you to stay in motion with its intuitive ring-based fitness tracking graphs. And you don’t need a new Apple Watch to take advantage of the awesome fitness tracking that Apple offers in its watches, check out our recommendations for the best Apple Watch to buy for Black Friday 2021. And yes, you can rest assured that we will still have awesome deals on refurbished Apple Watches even when this shopping holiday is over :D

The Best Black Friday Android Sales; Available Now & Forever :D

If you didn’t already know, Back Market is one of the best places to score a deal on one of the best Android phones. Our suggestions? OnePlus is known for making affordable phones with awesome specs and screens, while Samsung and Google Pixel are perhaps the two most popular players in the Android game right now. Whichever Android brand you may be a fan of, Back Market is trying to offer some of the best Black Friday Android deals. And if you choose to shop on any other day, that's fine too, we always have some fresh deals on our site :D

And if you want to do some more reading, these are the best Pixel deals to expect for Black Friday.

The Best Black Friday iPhone Deals For Today, Tomorrow, and Every Day of the Year

Who doesn’t like iPhones? It’s hard to find somebody that doesn’t love products made by Apple, but the same can’t be said for Apple’s prices. Unfortunately, many of us dread buying the newest Apple products because of the dent that one of these purchases can put in our bank account. But there is good news: Back Market has some really special offers year-round and is one of the best places to find extra-affordable Black Friday iPhone deals. And then there's even better news: most of these deals just keep getting better and better, even after Black Friday.

But that may still leave you with the question: what is the best iPhone to buy for Black Friday? It really depends on how much money you want to save, but expect especially good deals on the iPhone 11iPhone XRiPhone XS, and iPhone X. These are perhaps the best iPhones to get right now that won’t break the bank.

Want to do more reading or research? The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro will be the best iPhone deals to get this Black Friday, but which one should you buy?

Get the Best Black Friday iPad Deals, or wait till next Friday :D

Maybe you weren’t expecting to find cheap iPad deals this good. Or maybe you still think you’re dreaming? Do whatever you need to do: rub your eyes, pour a bucket of cold water on top of your head, or give yourself a little slap on the face—not too hard please—but no, this is not a dream. Back Market is the place for you if you're searching for the best Black Friday iPad deals. But if you've only discovered our site now thanks to Black Friday, we feel obligated to tell you that we have amazing iPad deals year-round, so no pressure if you're waiting for even bigger discounts to come :D

Whether your goal is to replace your laptop or just get something to scroll through social media in bed, these cheap iPads are guaranteed to give you the same performance you’d expect from a new Apple product, but at a significantly reduced price. We’re taking the words “savings” and “price drop” to a whole new level, and not just on Black Friday, but on every Friday. But then again, we’re Back Market, what did you expect?

There’s No Better Place to Find the Best Black Friday MacBook Deal on Any Day of the Year

Got an old laptop that is really starting to annoy you? If that’s the case, then it may really be time to look for the best Black Friday MacBook deal! But we’ve made it really easy for you; we even wrote a ton of MacBook buying guides to help you make a decision if you’re undecided! We’ll help you select a MacBook that’s cheap yet powerful… if only those two words appeared together more often (insert crying emoji here). And if you're still not compelled to buy now, feel free to come back anytime, we have special deals on MacBooks pop up throughout the year :)

If You’re Still Working Remote, Find the Best iMac This Black Friday, But Only if you Really Need to

If you’ve been spending long hours at home staring annoyingly at a laptop screen, perhaps it’s time to shop around for the best Black Friday iMac deals. A refurbished iMac is the perfect buy for you if you want a computer that’s more powerful than a laptop and better in every single way... as long as you don't intend to throw it in a backpack and take it places. And if you're not ready to buy yet, don't be afraid to hold off for a while, we'll be sure to have great deals whenever you decide to check back :D

Need Help Focusing While Working From Home? Our Suggestion: Black Friday Headphones Deals

Whether you're looking for Beats under $150 or the best Black Friday Bluetooth earbuds deals, we have what you want, whenever you want. We wrote these buying guides to help you understand how to get the best deal on AirPods or Bose headphones for Black Friday. And yes, these rules also apply to other days of the year :D

Black Friday and Sustainability

Does it surprise you, our conscientious and thoughtful shopper, that Black Friday isn’t exactly an eco-friendly event? The combo of huge marketing budgets and low prices create an irresistible pressure for many people—that haven’t heard of Back Market—to buy things they don't really need. Overconsumption increases a ton...which also leads to overmanufacturing in the long run. The ugly truth is that this means more products end up in the trash, and sooner rather than later.

Let’s be honest, do you really need that new smartphone or a TV in the bathroom? And if the  answer is really  "yes," you can do the environment a solid and take a look at refurbished products. Choosing refurbished maximizes the lives of electronics and, over time, will hopefully allow us to consume and produce less so that recycling everything we use might actually become feasible. Also, when it comes to renewed electronics, we have the best Black Friday deals available on Back Market 365 days a year.