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Refurbished gifts for Christmas 2020

Christmas Tech Deals for Every Family Member and Budget

You’ve put on your Santa Claus hat…  Maybe you’re looking for a Christmas deal on an iPhone for a teenager? Or an iMac deal for a parent that’s working from home? Or a MacBook for a student taking online classes? Whichever one it may be, we got you covered! All our tech is refurbished, which means that you can buy a product with a 1-year warranty that’s a lot cheaper than a new model. And just because these Christmas gifts aren’t new, doesn’t mean they don’t look new! Buy a product that’s in mint condition if you want it to look like it came fresh off Santa’s sleigh.

Refurbished products aren’t just better for your wallet; they’re better for the environment. Buying a refurbished computer or phone saves a perfectly good device from going into a landfill—not to mention minimizing the pollution that is generated as a byproduct of the mining needed to make new iPhones, iPads, etc.

And don’t think our tech deals are just around for Christmas; we’ve made it our business to have deals and sales on all your favorite tech products—all year long. Discounts: it’s what we do best.

Christmas Gifts for your Dad

Some dads like outdoorsy gifts and fishing supplies, but others really love tech. We put together this buying guide to help pick out a refurbished tech gift for your dad this Christmas season.

Christmas Tech Deals for Mom

I don’t know about you, but my mom uses an older computer that she should really think about replacing. Maybe your mom is also frugal and unwilling to splurge on the computer she really wants. Want to spoil her? Get her a gift she’ll never forget: a refurbished iMac or MacBook for Christmas 2020.

Buy an iPhone on a Budget for a Son or Daughter

Have a teen that needs a smartphone, but don’t feel comfortable buying them the newest model? A refurbished iPhone may be your best choice. Read about our favorite iPhone deals for Christmas 2020.

Have a Girlfriend or Boyfriend that Needs a Laptop for Christmas?

How much do you love your partner? Clearly not enough if you’re not willing to buy them a MacBook! Just kidding—but seriously—if you want to get somebody a MacBook or Windows laptop for the holidays but don’t want to spend big bucks, check out our MacBook deals or Windows laptop deals. And if you want more Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend or boyfriend, feel free to click on either of those hyperlinks :D

Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

OK, it’s true that a lot of grandparents may be struggling to understand how to use technology, but you may have a grandma or grandpa that isn’t afraid to try out an iPhone or iPad to see what all the fuss is about. If this sounds like one of your grandparents, consider buying them a refurbished iPad. This is definitely the most user-friendly tablet on the market, and it’s very easy to pick up and learn how to use with no prior Apple experience. Show off how awesome you are by helping them set it up. The best kind of quality time ;)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

If you have a fitness lover in your life, chances are they will benefit from having some kind of fitness tracker. There are many different options to choose from, and you shouldn’t assume that somebody would love the Apple Watch just because they have an iPhone. If you want to read more about picking out the perfect fitness tracker for any gym goer, runner, or athlete in your life, check out this buying guide.

What’s the Best iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to Buy this Christmas?

Maybe you want a new laptop or phone but aren’t sure what to look out for when making a purchase. It can be tricky to navigate the refurbished market, especially since you want to save money but don’t want to get a device that’s too old. Check out our buying guides: we’ve hired some professionals to answer all the most popular questions that people ask about anything and everything on the website!