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Cyber Monday? LOL.

Do you go “cyber shopping”? Didn’t think so. Cyber Monday, which was actually created to help small businesses to compete with the brick-and-mortar giants and their Black Friday sales, is now totally irrelevant. Online shopping is par for the course for every ginormous retailer out there and creating “special sales” for this occasion gives zero added value—just another way for businesses to induce a manic shopping frenzy. No thanks. At Back Market, our expertly renewed, fairly-priced devices are available to purchase every day of the year—though we hope we won’t need to replace what you have more than every few years. We’ll be waiting right here, on the web. Or if you insist, in “cyber space.” Why not?

MacBook, at practically McMuffin prices.

The tangiest, crunchiest sales on Back Market.

Mr. Pickle has a hobby, and that’s poring through deals. Here are his top picks. Promise, absolutely no Cyber Monday deals. Take your time. Our low prices last all year long.

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There’s one thing that New does well, and that’s top-notch quality control. At Back Market we want to do the same. It isn’t enough for us to be a sustainable alternative to New electronics. We want to be a premium quality sustainable alternative.


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Special Cyber Monday offer: Nada.

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Cyber Monday: Get refurbished electronics for up to 70% off. As usual.

What’s the Deal with Back Market and Cyber Monday?

You know, Cyber Monday was created to help small online businesses compete with huge retailers that basically monopolized all the sales. Unfortunately, soon enough, those huge companies realized that going “Cyber” was the future.  And so now, everyone and their huge mega-chain big-box store is online and selling you their “excellent tech deals” for Cyber Monday amirite? Oh yes, each year everyone boasts of better savings, price drops, and clearances. 

Didn’t think it was possible? Well, it’s not possible. They hike up prices all year round and then drop them again on Cyber Monday. That kinda means any time you aren’t buying something on Cyber Monday, Black Friday or some other shopping holiday that you’re probably not getting your money’s worth. That is, unless you shop at Back Market. Our prices are low all year round, which is why Cyber Monday is just another day for us.

You’ll find jaw-dropping deals on your favorite tech products here, even when there’s no special shopping holiday. So whether you choose to purchase a tech product on Cyber Monday or any day of the year, you know you’re getting a fair price. We’re not pulling the wool over your eyes here!

The Best iPhone Deals aren’t in the Apple Store this Cyber Monday

If you’re looking for Cyber Monday iPhone deals, chances are that Back Market will be offering some of the best discounts—as usual. Apple rarely gives good offers on new iPhone models. Therefore, the best Cyber Monday iPhone deals will be on refurbished iPhones from previous years. Just because these iPhones aren’t coming straight from Apple doesn’t mean they aren’t Apple quality thought: our iPhones are guaranteed to work just like iPhones from the Apple Store. Don’t believe us? You don’t have to—you can see for yourself with zero risk thanks to our 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty. 

On my Couch, Looking for the Best iPad Cyber Monday Deals. Are you?

I am so relaxed right now. I’m on my bed, feeling great, but I’m missing one thing: an iPad for browsing the web :( If you’re feeling the same way, then maybe you want to take advantage of the best iPad Cyber Monday deals for that special person in your life: yourself! Lol. Well, you don’t have to go elsewhere looking for Cyber Monday iPad deals! You can start browsing our website for them before, during, or after Cyber Monday.  You’ll find something that interests you… it’s not hard with prices this low! Our deals are fresh—which is more than we can say for me, still lounging in bed. On our website, every Monday is Cyber Monday :D

The Best MacBook Deal is on Cyber, but not necessarily on Cyber Monday.

We love everything about Apple MacBooks… except for their prices (insert crying emoji here). But the good thing is that at Back Market, you can find some really awesome deals on refurbished devices, and you can actually get a cheap MacBook that’s only a couple of years old. Whether you want the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, we have tons of deals on both of these models, so for the first time ever, you can get a Cyber Monday MacBook deal —even when it’s not Cyber Monday. After all, we are 100% Cyber all year long. 

An Apple Watch is an Apple Watch is an Apple Watch. What exactly are you really hoping to find while scouring these Apple Watch Cyber Monday Deals?

Yes, the Apple Watch Series 6 was just released, but who cares? It has almost exactly the same features as every single older Apple Watch, except it costs a lot more. As a matter of fact, the Series 6 Apple Watch looks exactly the same as the last two generations of Apple Watch, so we’d suggest looking for the best deal on the Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5. You can do that on Cyber Monday, if you insist.

Oh so you’re Team Android this Cyber Monday are you?

What’s that? You love the extra customization Android offers? You think Apple-lovers are mainstream? Harsh. But okay. You’re so cool we’ve put in extra efforts to impress you: basically by offering some of the best Android Cyber Monday deals and every Monday deals. Tuesday, Wednesday, Arbor Day whatever. :D Whether this Cyber Monday you’re fixating on getting a PixelSamsung Galaxy, or OnePlus device, we have some of the best Android deals to keep you connected with all of your friends this Cyber Monday. Because you’re only friends with other Android enthusiasts of course. Oh you, By the way, we’re sure you and your pals noticed that Apple finally introduced home screen widgets on this year’s iPhone. Um...didn’t you guys start that trend, like, 10 years ago? As if Apple! As if.

Oh you’re searching Google for the Best Tablet Deals for Cyber Monday instead of an iPad. How very open-minded of you!

Okay, so you’re neutral like Switzerland. Android, Apple, who cares? You’re all about the price huh?  You’re in luck, because we have a lot of great Cyber Monday tablet deals, on Cyber Monday of course—but all year long too. :) Yes, yes, we’ve said that 5,000 times already. But see, if you’ve read this far at least you’ll have gotten that key takeaway. That’s right: that our prices at Back Market are the same low prices all year long, holidays-notwithstanding. And that’s because you’re always getting what you pay for here. Unlikes these other places that clearly have jacked up margins all the rest of the year. 

The Most Amazing, Best Ever Microsoft Surface Cyber Monday Deals

...can be found even when it’s not Cyber Monday. Oh yes, I repeated myself again. Anyway, sorry to go off-tangent. If you like the form factor of a tablet but also want something that you can use as a laptop, then the 2-in-1 Surface is probably the best hybrid laptop for you. Even if, since you’ve read almost all the way to the end over here, it’s clear that you are not someone who just stays at the surface of things. Go you. ;)

Oops, I’ve gone off-topic again. Anyway, many of these devices have i5 and i7 chips, which means that they have the same internals and processing power as higher-tier laptops like the MacBook Pro. So you get the power of a laptop (if you need it) in a device that’s able to serve as both a laptop and a tablet.

The Best Laptop Cyber Monday Deals

You’re not just want any laptop that isn’t your slow-as-heck old-as-mold laptop at home. Well, first of all try to pass that ol’ faithful down to someone else. There’s a laptop shortage you know! And lots of students need those. You’re good at Googling so surely you’ll find a good place to do that. And you don’t have to rush into finding some kind of Cyber Monday laptop deal in the meantime. Your friends here at Back Market are here for you with great deals all year long. We put a lot of effort into making sure these cheap laptops work great and come at an affordable price. They might be cheap but they certainly don’t feel cheap. 

When will this list end? Now. With the best Cyber Monday Smartwatch Deals

Want to quantify each moment of your life so you can forget the gaping maw of death that awaits us all in the end? We can’t blame ya. Days are as long as this article and life as short as my mom’s patience. The best news is that at Back Market we offer a whole gamut of trusty smartwatches to bip, bop, and boop as they notify you of the minutes passing but also how well you slept and if your heart rate is up. If you want to track track track we’ve got your back back back (after all, we’re not called Back Market for nothing!) So if you’re looking for the best Cyber Monday sales on a smartwatch, whether it’s a budget fitness watch or cheap Apple Watch, we always have some of the freshest smartwatch deals, whether it’s Cyber Monday or just a regular Monday! 

And with that, friend, we bid thee farewell. We’ll be waiting here where the web smells better. <3