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Should you wait for AirPods Pro Black Friday deals?

Updated Oct 11, 2022 - If you’ve been waiting for AirPods Pro Black Friday deals to come around before picking up a pair, you’re not alone. Apple’s AirPods Pro are popular for many reasons, but price isn’t one of them. Luckily, we're here to help you save money with low Black Friday prices on AirPods Pro (and lots of other tech) that last all year long.

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Black Friday at Back Market is even better!

Black Friday is fast approaching and it will soon be time to take advantage of these insanely good deals. If you’re in the market for a new laptop, tablet or iPhone X, Back Market has a large selection of devices to choose from.

What is Black Friday?

Before you check out Back Market’s tips and explanations on how to find the perfect refurbished laptop on Black Friday, let's start with how Black Friday came to be. As you probably know, Black Friday started in the United States. Every year, the country celebrates Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November, and this day is synonomous with the sharing of a large meal between friends and family. The day after Thanksgiving has since become synonomous with shopping since the inception of Black Friday in the 1970s. In stores and online, unbelievable savings are offered on a variety of goods to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season. It didn’t take long for more and more reatilers to get on board with this concept, and it is now a highlight of the retail calendar in many countries the world over. At Back Market, we use it as an opportunity to offer you even greater deals on refurbished products!

Good deals on refurbished smartphones on Black Friday

You might think there’s no such thing as a cheap smartphone. But they do exist at Back Market! We sell devices from all major brands, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Nokia and Apple for much less than the in-store price. Apple fans will find unlocked refurbished iPhone 4 Black 32GB devices retailing for around at XX $, as well as big discounts on newer models. With a 50% reduction, buying a refurbished iPhone X in the Black Friday sale won’t blow your budget. Buy an unlocked iPhone X 256 GB in space gray for 642 $ instead of 1 299 $ – you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal! And if you prefer an Android device, we’ve got deals for you too. Unphased by the temptation of a refurbished iPhone X on Black Friday, you can instead lust after an unlocked refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 512 GB device – retailing for less than 650 $ instead of $ 1,159 !

Buy a refurbished laptop on Black Friday

Buying smartphones and laptops tends to involve a significant investment. Whether you want to pamper the youngest member of the family for Christmas or replace your own laptop that’s not performing as well as it used to do, Black Friday at Back Market is the perfect time to shop. You can buy a refurbished laptop with a discount of more than 60% compared to the usual in-store price. And this includes all the best-known models and brands – including the MacBook Pro and high-quality devices from the likes of Dell, HP, Toshiba and Lenovo. We have a large number of models available, so you’ll need to make some decisions around screen size, processor type, graphics cards, amount of RAM and storage capabilities to whittle down the options. So whether you’re a gamer or office worker, you’ll find the refurbished laptop that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

The time has come to buy a tablet!

Tablets have been popular devices to buy on Black Friday for a number of years, and this looks set to continue. The price of these devices on Back Market’s site during Black Friday are sure to delight you. We have a selection of models from the leading brands – including the complete range of iPads from Apple (Pro, Air 2, mini and iPad 4). We sell all refurbished Apple tablets with discounts exceeding 50%. Or if you’re a Windows fan, we also stock the highly regarded refurbished Microsoft Surface tablets at heavily discounted rates. On the Pro 3 256 GB version with 12-inch screen, we sell it for as much as 34% less than the in-store price – retailing for $657 instead of $ 999. Refurbished Samsung devices are also on offer for you to wrap and place under the tree. You can pick up a refurbished 32GB Galaxy Tab Pro, with a beautiful 12.2-inch LCD screen, for 40% less than the in-store price. These incredible deals are not to be missed!

Between the unbeatable prices of Back Market and incredible Black Friday offers, there’s no better time for buying presents! And as always, when you buy from Back Market you get the assurance of buying a refurbished laptop or refurbished iPhone X during Black Friday that’s udergone a series of tests to ensure perfect working order. Plus, you’ll also get a minimum warranty of 12 months. Something tells us that your list for Santa will be very long!