iPhone 6S Black Friday

Still want an iPhone 6s for Black Friday 2022? We’re with you.

Updated Sept 19, 2022 - Here's why the iPhone 6s is the perfect first iPhone for kids (or anyone else who needs a cheap phone).

Get an iPhone 6s for Black Friday 2022

Why is the iPhone 6s one of our favorite used iPhone deals for Black Friday 2022? it may not be the fastest or newest iPhone, but the under $100 price tag is certainly appealing to a lot of people. Finally, an iPhone that no longer breaks the bank.

Should you buy the iPhone 6s for Black Friday?

This is an ideal device for kids: it’s cheap, and even if it breaks, it’s ok. But most importantly, it still has all the features that you really need on an iPhone: primarily iMessaging and browsing. And since this phone is still able to run iOS 14, your child will still be able to install all the most popular games and other apps that they use to connect with their friends.

Does your child watch a lot of YouTube videos on their phone? If so, consider the larger iPhone 6s Plus this Black Friday.

Why iPhones are the best phones for kids

Wondering whether you should buy your child an iPhone? We know it isn’t an easy decision—every family is different and some understandably hold off on giving a phone to younger children. At a certain point, they’re going to need a cell phone to stay connected with their friends. When your kid is ready for a phone, a Black Friday iPhone 6s deal is perhaps the best way to get them started. This is a perfect first phone for your teenager.

And even though this is an older iPhone, it can still install and use all your child’s favorite apps: TikTok, Instagram, iMessage, and more.

Have an iPhone 6s to sell?

When it's time to upgrade, you can sell or trade in your iPhone 6s with BuyBack. We'll give you cash for your old phone to help make that upgrade sting your wallet a little less. Plus, you'll be doing the planet a favor by reducing e-waste and giving your old device a new life.

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