What to Buy Your Mom this Christmas: Our Best Suggestions

Just some ideas for Christmas gifts for your mom :)

Buy mom a MacBook for Christmas
Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

Don’t know what gift to get your mom this Christmas? You’re not alone. But thank goodness we live in a modern world that’s full of tech. What mom doesn’t love tech! We’re here to give you some suggestions for the best cheap refurbished tech products that can make your mom’s life just a little bit easier.

Does Your Mom Work From Home?

If your mom is working from home, it isn’t hard to think of a piece of tech that can help make her life just a little easier. If she’s using an old computer that’s starting to get slow and annoying, consider getting a refurbished iMac. And I know that sounds expensive, but if you spend $700, you can get an iMac that’s a few years old and still has plenty of life left in it. Or if you think she would prefer a laptop (you can plug up an external monitor if you want to use it as a desktop) consider buying her a MacBook!

Or maybe your mom has a computer she’s content with, but is using a mouse that isn’t the most ergonomic. Consider buying her a refurbished mouse if you think it will help her :)

Christmas Gifts for Moms that like Fitness

We actually wrote a whole article to give you a better idea for what to get a mom that’s serious about her health or fitness, because different fitness trackers will suit different types of people better, depending on their approach towards exercise. If you want our in-depth explanation, check out our article about the best fitness trackers for mom!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Busy Moms

Do you have a mom that’s always on the move and likes to stay on top of everything? Maybe a refurbished Apple Watch would be a good Christmas gift for her. It can help her stay on top of her reminders and quickly see calls and text messages without needing to pull out her phone.

Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Mom?

Maybe none of these suggestions are the perfect fit for your mom, and if that’s the case, it’s OK! We’re not trying to force anyone to buy anything they don’t need, especially since it’s part of our mission to fight overconsumption and electronic waste. So whatever you choose to buy your mom, we hope it’s eco-friendly and something that she really needs.

Refurbished Products are Easier on Your Wallet, and the Environment

Let’s face it, big retailers rake in a lot of money during the Christmas season. Back Market is trying to make Christmas shopping easier on your wallet and the environment by selling refurbished products. Most refurbished products look brand new, and come with a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. This makes them a perfect fit for the Christmas shopping season where it feels like you need to get all your close friends and relatives at least a little something.

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