Top 10 tech gift ideas for Mom, by a Mom

Updated on June 28, 2023

Updated Dec 5, 2022 - Looking to step your gift giving game up this year, but not sure what to get for Mom? Check out a few gadgets that she'll love and use for years to come!

Holiday & Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

Don’t know what gift to get your mom this Christmas? You’re not alone.  People have a lot of advice to give about what kind of Christmas gifts to get Mom. But you know who knows best? That’s right: Mother knows best. At least that was the thinking which led to this particular mom getting recruited to write a blog about the electronics I’d love to receive over the holidays. 

While my kids will not be getting me anything on here because they are currently unemployed and living with me (to their defense, they are both still under 10), I’m writing this in the hopes that I save at least one mom out there from getting another scented candle from her kids this Christmas. I’m looking at you there — you, that just Googled “last minute gifts for mom”. I see you.

Why refurbished electronics for Christmas?

Because I said so. JK. 

There are lots of great gift ideas for moms out there. But if you go the electronics route, then refurbished devices are the way to go because:

  1. You can get high quality tech at a fraction of the price (and showcase how financially responsible you are, just saying).

  2. They have a lower environmental impact than new devices and it’s kind of nice to use what we already have instead of overexploiting limited natural resources.

So let’s jump right into it. Here is this mom’s take on the gifts yo momma wants for the holidays.

1. Film Camera: Get Mom in touch with her inner artist

Could this be the sign your mom needs to finally take a year off and do her own version of Eat, Pray, Love? For your sake, let’s hope not, but gifting her a camera might be just what she's looking for to express herself in a new and exciting way.

2. Ice cream maker: This is self-explanatory

Ice cream. On demand. All the flavors. Though this could smell like self-interest on your part, an ice cream maker is a unique gift that's going to keep the whole family occupied, while Mom enjoys her sundae.

3. Electric Scooter or Hoverboard: Commuting made cooler

Sometimes life just sucks the life out of you. Help your urban mom get her mojo back and remind her that just because she works a 9-5 doesn’t mean she can’t also find her inner speed demon on an electric scooter, e-bike, hoverboard or even a skateboard.

4. AirPods: Look ma, no hands! Or wires

Because Mom’s life should have its own soundtrack, without having to bother with untangling a bunch of cords. Apple AirPods are the perfect little stocking stuffer that will surely surprise her. Just make sure she doesn’t wear ‘em when she’s on her electric skateboard.

5. iPhone: This one comes with a caveat

Getting Mom an iPhone upgrade is a simple, but effective gift that is sure to Wow…but just know you’re probably going to hear at least one comment about how maybe you should call more. That is all.

6. Radio alarm: A new take on retro

Radios may not look like they used to in the 80s, but your mom will definitely appreciate the new features on today's radio alarms. These can keep all her smart devices connected and wake her up to her favorite 80's throwback song.

7. Tablet: For a truly satisfying double-screen experience

Sometimes the movie on Netflix kinda sucks. Cue the tablet for a little scroll time.

8. Air Fryer: Happy, healthy cheat days

Maybe she didn't tell you, but she really wants to see what the hype around Air Fryers is all about. It’s also better for her cholesterol. Keep mom healthy and happy with air fried fries.

9. Cold-press juicer: For a post-holiday detox

All the food, all the champagne. Who doesn’t need a break? A juicer is just the right machine for the job to help moms get their nutrition back on track. And You’ll also be helping mom get her 5 servings a day in, so you can return the favor for all those times she made you finish your broccoli before dessert.

10. Nintendo Switch: Get mom off social media and on an adventure

And what greater (and more affordable) adventure is there than a trip down the river on Pokemon Snap?  That's right, kids aren't the only ones who might want a new game console for the Holidays, and a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite is the perfect gift to help mom escape reality for a bit on-the-go.

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Written by Blanca Marín

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