Best last-minute Christmas gifts that are actually affordable

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for your favorite friend or family member

Get an inexpensive last minute Christmas gift that's still thoughtful

Yeah yeah, we’ve all been there. The holidays are fast approaching and we’re still left wondering what are the best gift ideas for our closest friends and family. Apple products would make for great last-minute Christmas gifts, but we all know how expensive those are… until now. Thanks to the refurbished market, you can get a refurbished Apple product this Christmas that still feels new yet actually comes at an affordable price.

Who said last minute Christmas shopping was a bad thing? Thanks to Back Market, you can make a semi-impulsive purchase of an Apple product without breaking the bank :D

Get a Christmas iPad deal for under $300

You may be surprised to learn that you can get an iPad for 50% off this Christmas as a last-minute gift. Why pay $500 or more for a device that’s really just meant for casual browsing? Plus, all refurbished and used iPads are still supported by Apple, no matter where you buy them. The only caveat is that older iPads will no longer receive OS updates after 5 years of their release date, so make sure to get one that’s not too old if you still want to get a lot of use out of it. But yeah, you can now get a 2017 or 2018 iPad for less than $300, which in our opinion is a complete steal :D