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Updated on June 28, 2023

Published May 25, 2023 - All the color options for the iPhone 12 series - we'll help you decide which color is best for you.

The iPhone 12 colors: which one should you choose?

Similar to the iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 has a larger selection of colors than previous iPhone series. But some people find it harder to make a decision when faced with more options. You're shopping for a phone that you're going to likely be looking at every day for the next few years, so you'll want to make sure you pick a color that you like. We'll show you the iPhone 12 color options and help you pick one that you won't regret.

iPhone 12 color options

The iPhone 12 was originally released in five different colors: black, white, PRODUCT(RED), green and blue. However, Apple also launched a new purple color in April 2021. I was definitely excited to see the different hues and intensities for this series color lineup. 

However, I did feel that there was a lack of popular color choices from previous models. For example, before the iPhone 13 and 14 series, we haven't seen the all too popular rose gold color on the iPhone for a few years. Not to mention, the classic gold only made it into the iPhone 12 Pro version in the end. The silver of the iPhone 5 is also reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro models. While it would have been nice to at least see the gold and silver options on the standard iPhone 12, you can always pay a little more for the Pro upgrade to get them.

Black iPhone 12

1. Black

Black is reasonably the most popular color among all smartphones and I don't expect that to change any time soon. It's just a simple option that looks great both for people who care about their phone color or don't. A black phone has both advantages and disadvantages:



Subtle and elegant

The most common color (not unique)


Attracts warmth (especially in summer)

Matches everything

In short, black is the safe choice because it will never go out of style. But it doesn't offer much standout value in the end.

White iPhone 12

2. White

The iPhone 12 in white is another instant classic for this color lineup. The history of the white iPhone goes back to the early models. The first white iPhone was the iPhone 4 and since then it has appeared again and again as a color variant in the iPhone SE and iPhone 11. Here we have another easily-matched color, which on top of that is (usually) easier to find if you have a tendency to lose your phone.




Dirt is visible more quickly

Easy to find

Attracts less heat

The same rules apply here as for any white piece of clothing or car. You get a more open, cheerful yet classic “color ” associated with brightness and light. But of course at the same time it is susceptible to dirt and can seem a bit monotonous.

(PRODUCT)RED iPhone 12


A color with a cause, it's always a welcome sight to see (PRODUCT)RED continually make it onto the iPhone color lineup. Every time you buy a red iPhone (or other Apple accessories labelled as PRODUCT RED), a portion of the profits is given to Apple's partner company, (RED), to a charity like The Global Fund. So if you're looking for a bold standout color, you can also feel good about donating to charity with your purchase with a red iPhone 12.



Profit shares to a charity

Difficult to combine with cases

Bright and bold

Not the easiest color to match

Easy to spot

Green iPhone 12

4. Green

Green is the color where our eyes can perceive the most differences and facets. That's why it's always exciting to see which shade of green Apple chooses for its lineup. This time, Apple has stuck to a very light, spring-like pastel green that's almost a bit out of line compared to the intensity of the other colors. But that's probably because the color, like the red, is borrowed from the iPhone 11, which was a series where Apple generally kept more to pastels. But back to the green. Similar to the red, it is a very special color that is more trend-dependent than our other color examples.





Calm and colorful

Difficult to match

As someone who likes pastels, I'm a big fan of the color. However, I would probably still not choose a phone in this green color because I associate them strongly with spring and summer. Not ideal when you use a device year-round. In the end it comes down to your preference, if that doesn't bother you as much, then you're sure to get a great individual statement piece with this color.

Blue iPhone 12

5. Blue

Last but not least we have a newly introduced shade of blue from Apple. A really successful shade, because here you have the best of both sides - a neutral color, that's great for any occasion and a color that stands out more than just black or white. For me, it is the ultimate 'compromise' color, so I didn't list out pros and cons.

And no matter whether you are looking for a bolder color or just need a standard classic one, you'll find the best deals on a refurbished iPhone 12 from Back Market. All iPhone purchases also come with free standard shipping, a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

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