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Refurbished iPhone 4

These minimalist iPhone run perfectly...just not on the latest iOS or with 100 apps at the same time.

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Refurbished iPhone 4 devices

Treat yourself to a cheap iPhone 4 that’s been refurbished by Back Market experts

Back Market offers many refurbished iPhone 4 devices in ‘like new’ condition for low prices. We’re focused on cost reductions while maintaining performance levels. You can buy an iPhone 4 that’s in perfect working order, it just costs up to half the price of any you’ll find at the store. Ideal for those wanting to enjoy the best in cellphone technology without breaking the bank.

The refurbished iPhone 4: a technological gem

Like all other Apple products, the iPhone 4 is a mark of excellence. Starting with the IPS LCD backlight LED screen, which has excellent resolution for good readability and image and video quality. With a 1 GHz processor, it offers a fast, responsive user experience – multitasking with ease as you switch from one app to the other and handling concurrent apps without impacting performance. Buy a certified pre-owned iPhone 4 from Back Market today to get all these great features and more!

Why buy a refurbished iPhone 4?

Apple users know they pay a premium to have excellent technology at their fingertips. However, thanks to Back Market and our team of specialists, you can buy a refurbished iPhone 4 for a significantly reduced price with no risk. Undergoing a series of stringent checks in our laboratories to guarantee good performance, every device we sell comes with a minimum 12-month warranty. This provides peace of mind when buying refurbished products that the only real difference, is the price.

Buy a refurbished iPhone 4 from Back Market for quality products backed up by a minimum 12-month guarantee. There’s no need to skimp on quality and reliability in order to get the best deal thanks to Back Market.