11 vs XR

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR: Discussing Differences and Similarities

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iPhone XR vs iPhone 11: Really not that different

The iPhone 11 vs XR is one of the easiest iPhone comparisons. Why? Because both of these phones are so similar in almost every single way.

The iPhone 11 was released 1 year after the XR as its direct successor. But even though the iPhone 11 was technically meant to replace the XR, it doesn’t mean that it’s hugely better or drastically different. The iPhone XR is still a great phone, so if you want to save more money on your next refurbished iPhone purchase, we suggest buying a used and refurbished iPhone XR, instead of waiting for Black Friday 2021 deals.

The key differences in our iPhone 11 versus XR comparison

Perhaps the biggest difference that sticks out in my mind when comparing these two devices is battery life. You can get around 14 hours of browsing time on the iPhone 11, while the XR isn’t far behind with an estimated 13 hours of browsing time on a charge. This really isn’t a big difference, but it sets the stage for the theme of the rest of this article: how the iPhone 11 offers a slight improvement over the XR in many small ways, but without feeling like a totally new phone.

Another area where these phones are noticeably different is their camera systems. It’s probably the only external feature that distinguishes one from the other: their rear camera bumps. When looking at the iPhone 11 vs XR side-by-side, you’ll notice right away that the 11 has an additional rear camera, which allows you to take epic wide-angle shots. The used iPhone 11 also comes with an improved night photography mode, which enhances pictures taken in the dark, even when you’re not using a flash. You can also expect the 11 to have a slightly better portrait mode that blurs the backgrounds of portrait images.