Used iPhone XR: Worth it in 2022?

Updated Sep 26, 2022 - Should you buy a used & refurbished iPhone XR?

Why buy a used & refurbished iPhone XR
Is the used iPhone XR the right phone for you?

Yo, let me tell you straight up dawg, the used & refurbished iPhone XR is one of the best used iPhones out there right now.

It has a notched full-body display, a single camera, a volume rocker; all the stuff you already know and expect. But let’s talk about the stuff you can’t tell just from looking at it: what’s it like to own this used iPhone today.

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Who should buy a used & refurbished iPhone XR?

First of all, if you’re accustomed to a smaller iPhone that you can use with one hand (like the 5S or SE) this may feel awkward at the beginning. You can’t really stretch your thumb across the whole screen (even if you have huge hands), so be prepared to use this phone with both hands (sorry, bro).

But maybe that doesn’t bother you; if you’re coming from a larger phone like the 6S Plus, the used & refurbished iPhone XR will be a breath of fresh air. Many people praise the new gesture controls which replaced the home button, and who doesn’t love more screen real estate? Yes, the trade-off to a full-body screen is the notch on the top of the phone (which houses the front-facing camera and face unlock scanners) but you honestly stop noticing it after extended use.

Yo! Have you ever tried a refurbished iPhone? I guarantee you that it will feel just like a new one if you get one that's in very good or mint condition!

Used iPhone XR specs summary

The used XR is obviously super snappy when it comes to performance: thanks to the A12 Bionic chip you can multitask like a beast and play any game you want. But if you’re planning to install a ton of apps, remember to get a version with more memory (at least 128GB).

Mirror mirror on the wall, what's the best looking iPhone of them all? I don't have a mirror here, so I can't tell you, but I will tell you this much: refurbished iPhones are sexier because they're better for the environment! 

You can crank out 25 hours of talk time out of this phone according to Apple, which means that you can easily squeeze in a whole day of heavy use, if not two (!) If you don't have many opportunities in your day to charge your phone—and use it a fair bit—this is what you want.

If you buy a used iPhone XR from an independent seller, you're risking getting one with an old battery that won't give you the same battery life as a new unit. But here at Back Market, we make sure our sellers replace old batteries so that your used iPhone XR still feels new! 

How is the camera on a used iPhone XR?

Pictures are as you’d expect: really good. Apple does a great job with their color science, per usual, so expect all of your photos to look pretty true-to-life. The only downside of this camera is its lack of additional lenses so you can’t actually zoom for images. Also, portrait mode only works for humans, so if you want to take those iconic blurry background images of your dog, cat, or rocks (my personal favorite...jk), you’re straight outta luck. But if you’re not buying this phone specifically for photography, this camera will be more than enough for your needs. It has an awesome camera, it just isn’t as feature-packed as the one on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Did I hear somebody ask for unlocked phones? These are great if you travel a lot, and you can even find one that works for all U.S. carriers! 

Used iPhone XR screen and size

The screen is a nice size and crystal clear. Although some reviewers complain about the pixel density not being as generous as higher-tier iPhones, you honestly won’t notice it. Are there better screens out there: yes. Do you need one: no. This one is plenty good.

Another thing I’d like to mention again is its size. With a case, you may notice this phone feels thick; thicker than most earlier iPhones. But it seems like this is a trend that Apple is trying out: users have reported that they would prefer a device that’s slightly thicker but has more battery life, and that’s what Apple has given us. It’s all about what type of user you are and what’s more important to you, but honestly, I feel all of us could use a little more battery life.

The used & refurbished iPhone XR has a great screen, even though many YouTube tech reviewers gave it a hard time for not upping the pixel density of previous iPhones.

Everything we like about the used & refurbished iPhone XR

To sum it up, the used & refurbished iPhone XR is the perfect phone for you if you find yourself often craving extended battery life and a big screen. Will it take up a fair amount of space in your pocket/bag? Yes, but I think it’s worth it. There isn’t a single thing the iPhone XR doesn’t do well, and at $400 on Back Market it’s quite frankly a steal.

Thanks to Back Market's quality checks, we've made it our mission to make "refurbished" just as good as "new." We want your used iPhone XR to feel new in every way except for the price :)

How does the iPhone XR compare to other models?

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