Is the S9 still a good phone to buy?

Spoiler alert: a refurbished Android phone like the S9 is still a good value for the money. Here's why.

The refurbished S9 is still a great phone
Is it still worth buying an S9?

With the S9 now costing around $200 on the refurbished market, it surely is still a good buy. Since this phone was Samsung’s flagship release in 2018 (together with the S9 Plus and Note 9) you can expect fast internals that will make the phone stay speedy for a few years to come. And the best part is, here at Back Market you don't even have to wait until Black Friday 2021 to get a cheap deal on the S9!


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Is the S9 a good phone?

The S9 is starting to fall behind the newest Android flagships in areas like battery life, low-light photography, and speed, but this is still a great phone to use and still feels premium. Plus, with the price of a refurbished S9 now hovering around the $200 mark, it’s a purchase that will give you amazing performance relative to what you’re spending.

Which is better, the S9 or the S9 Plus?

The S9 Plus has an additional camera lens, larger display, and a higher capacity battery. It also has slightly more powerful internals, but whether you want a bigger or smaller phone is really a matter of preference.

How long will a Galaxy S9 last?

Thanks to its Snapdragon 845 chip, the S9 should still feel quick for another couple of years. And even though this phone is not receiving any more major Android OS updates, you can still expect Samsung to release security patches that will keep this phone safe.

Why is my S9 battery dying so fast?

Cuz you’re using it too much! Just kidding. After a couple years of daily charging, you will notice your battery longevity starting to suffer, but your local repair shop can easily rectify this problem. Some S9 users report issues with app power management (invisible tasks running in the background of the device; eating up battery) but these can usually be rectified with a factory reset (despite the name, this can be performed at home).

S9 or S10?

The S10 is a total overhaul of the S9, and feels like a completely new phone (because it is). If you have the extra money to spend, a refurbished S10 would probably be the better choice. The S10 is a big improvement over the S9.

Is the S9 a lot better than the S8?

Many people complained that the S9 wasn’t a big enough improvement over the S8. It’s true, the S9 feels a lot like the S8, but it has better biometrics (face unlock, a better positioned fingerprint reader) and improved low-light camera performance.

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