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Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Color Guide

Updated on June 28, 2023

Published Apr 25, 2023 - Discover all the available colors and shades of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series with our comprehensive guide. Find the perfect color for your style and personality.

Find the Galaxy S22 color that suits you

The collection of color variants of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is unmatched. So if you're about to upgrade to the Galaxy S22 series, check out the different tints and shades available first. In this article, you'll find each color variants for the different S22 models, their specificities and their popularity. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 color list:

  • Black 

  • White 

  • Green

  • Rose gold

  • Graphite

  • Cream

  • Sky blue

  • Purple

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus color list**:**

  • Black

  • White 

  • Green

  • Rose Gold

  • Graphite

  • Cream

  • Sky blue

  • Purple 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra color list:

  • Black

  • White 

  • Burgundy red

  • Green

  • Graphite

  • Sky blue

  • Red

Samsung S22 White

All S22 models are available in this simple, yet pleasing color. The S22 Ultra is pristine white, while the S22 and Plus versions have an elegant photo block with a touch of gray, a perfect shade that gives them a special look. This shade is perfect for people in the fashion world.

Galaxy S22 models in white

Samsung S22 Black

This color is available for almost all phone brands. The sleek Phantom Black hue appears differently on the exclusive Galaxy design, however. The shiny edges bring a certain elegance. The color goes with any outfit and can be preferred by people of all professions. The color is available in a solid hue for all Galaxy S22 series phones. So, if you're looking for a universal, yet powerful color, black is your best bet.

Galaxy S22 models in black

Samsung S22 Rose Gold

Rose gold is a nice color that mixes flirtation and luxury. The color creates a calm space, as it is not too flashy compared to the burgundy red variant. The S22 and S22 plus have a touch of gold on the camera body, which gives them a unique touch. Unfortunately, there is no S22 Ultra in this color.

Galaxy S22 models in rose gold

Samsung S22 Green

Back Market preferred color option: green (for sustainability of course!) The green color of the Galaxy S22 is a stylish matte color. Although this hue may limit your options to match your outfit, the green variant is still a bold look. The color is available in all three S22 variants, with neither model showing any significant difference. The Galaxy S22 and S22 plus have lighter green tones on the camera blocks, making them stand out.

Galaxy S22 models in green

Samsung S22 Gray (Graphite)

Graphite, with its metallic appearance, is a color common to all three models. Although this color is not as elegant as those described above, it stands out in its own category. The camera block and the frames of the S22 Plus have a touch of black that blends in perfectly. This shade goes perfectly with dressy and casual outfits.

Galaxy S22 models in graphite gray

Samsung S22 Cream

If you are looking for a soft shade, cream is the color for you. Its appearance creates a fresh atmosphere and matches a wide variety of outfits. This brighter hue is complemented by light silver undertones on the camera frames. The color is only available on the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus. If you like a unique style with a calm appearance, the cream color is your best choice.

Galaxy S22 models in cream

Samsung S22 Sky Blue

Sky blue isn't quite as flashy, but it retains the sleekness of the Samsung Galaxy S22 in a refreshing style. Once again, sky blue is an exclusive color that is not common to most brands. This color is available for all Galaxy S22 series phones and is accented with a touch of silver on the photo block of the S22 and S22 Plus, giving them a stunning look. If you are looking for a refreshing and tranquil appearance, then go for one of these sky blue colored Samsung Galaxy S22 phones.

Galaxy S22 models in sky blue

Samsung S22 Purple

Samsung's purple color has a lavender hue, which makes the phone look stunning, complemented by the rose gold shades on the camera block and bezels. This color is only available for the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus.

Galaxy S22 models in purple

Samsung S22 Burgundy Red

Burgundy is a rare shade on a smartphone. For this series, it is only available for the Ultra version. The appearance may not be that of a typical burgundy, as it may even resemble chocolate to some. The color is solid, with no mixing of shades, which gives the Galaxy S22 Ultra a particularly soft appearance.

Galaxy S22 Ultra in bergundy red

Samsung S22 Red

Red is often synonymous with power or courage and the red color of the Samsung Galaxy is sure to attract attention. This color is only available for the Samsung S22 Ultra. The glossy edges reflect the hue, in an almost authoritative way.

Galaxy S22 Ultra in red

There's a Samsung Galaxy S22 color for everyone

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series offers a wide variety of colors that make it one of the most stylish phones on the market. With its eye-catching hues and sleek design, this phone clearly stands out. From black to burgundy red, you'll find the color to suit your style preferences in this range. Whether you're looking for an elegant purple or a bolder electric red, the Samsung Galaxy S22 has something for everyone.

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